Inter vs Frosinone match day 32 preview #149


After their draw against Atalanta Inter travel to take on relegation side Frosinone. Frosinone however were able to pull off an upset against Fiorentina. The last time these two sides faced each other Inter won the match 3-0 back in November. Inter overall have the dominant record against them. In this match Inter will look to maintain their position in third place. Frosinone on the other hand are looking to get points and maybe to try and climb out of the relegation zone but that seems highly unlikely. Inter need to finish their last seven matches strong and to keep their spot in the top three.


Inter Milan





Out with injury and will more than likely be out is Brozovic who suffered a muscle injury in their match against Atalanta. Devrij and Martinez on the other hand are probable to play. Inter in their match last week did a solid job defending the ball against Atalanta. They made sure they blocked any of their scoring chances while stealing the ball. Despite Atalanta creating chances Inter made sure they didn’t finish any of them as the goals on target for them were zero. With the return of Devrij him and Skriniar will become a force again which will make things more difficult for their opponents. In the midfield players that really need to step is Brozovic and Persic who have been struggling to get anything going. If they don’t they may be looking at a exit at the end of the campaign. But the players who are the stronger midfielders as of late are Politano and Radja who create chances and Politano is a strong finisher of those chances. In the forward position Icardi should not start as he has no passion anymore and will not do anything to benefit the club. If Martinez is fit enough he should start as he is quick and agile and will do whatever is needed to make sure Inter secure victory. The key threat will be Handanovic who as become a strong captain and is good at saving chances especially some that are difficult so Frosinone will need to distract him then slip the ball past him or Frosinone will be going off the pitch empty handed.




68240_736yl9lDefensive wise Frosinone are not as strong as most sides create and finish scoring chances playing against them. The only strong defensive player on their squad who is good at blocking chances and stealing the ball is Simic. But overall defensivly they are very poor. Midfield wise they have a hard time creating and finishing chances. But Verde is a great goal chance taker and will try to do what is needed to help give them the much needed three points. But in the forward position the stronger player on their whole squad is Pinamonti who is the key threat as he is quick and agile especially in the box. If Inter don’t contain him Inter may be going home empty handed.

The bottom line



In this match Inter will need to finish their scoring chances along with keeping the ball away from Frosinone which won’t be hard for Inter as they’re the stronger side. Frosinone on the other hand will have to press hard as Inter will more than likely win this match as they are the stronger side. Overall this will be a easy win for them.



Inter projected 4-2-3-1
GK Hnadanovic
Def Asomah, Skriniar, Devrij, D’Ambrosio
Def mid Brozovic and Vecino
Att mid Perisic, Radja, Politano
Forward Martinez
Frosinone projected 4-3-3
Gk Salvati
Def Capuano, Goldaniga, Simic, Zampano
Def mid Cassata, Errico, Verde
Att Pinamontti, Trotta,Ciofani
Stadium Benito Stirpe

Place Frosinone
Date April 14th
Time 1:30pm Usa 7:30pm UK 8:30pm Italy

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