Cristiano Ronaldo second half strike robs Inter of three points in the Derby D’Italia #154

Inter Milan 1 Juventus 1




San Siro
Milan Italy
Following their draw against Roma Inter welcome eight time Scudetto winners Juventus. Juventus on the other hand are coming off a win which secured their eighth title in a row. The last time these two sides faced of in the start of December Juventus won the match 1-0. It has been quite awhile since Inter have beaten Juventus you have to go back to the first batch of matches in the 2016-17 campaign. In this Inter look to finish the season in third place as they have a five point lead up on their rivals Milan for that spot. Juventus since they already won the title they’ll look to get just another win under their belt. Inter in this match have their work cut out for them. Normally teams have weaknesses they can use to their advantage but Juventus are a team that have none of those. Inter will need to create and finish their scoring chances. Defensive wise they need to block Juventus chances and maintain possession of the ball. As Juventus have nothing to play for they may play a lot of reserve players but nonetheless Inter shouldn’t fall asleep on them because even some of their reserve players are solid. They are also at home which helps. The best Inter can hope for is a draw but Juventus still have the edge and momentum going into this late Saturday night matchup. In the first half both sides worked on creating soring chances along with defending the ball from one another. But shortly into the half Inter finds the back of the net as Radja buries the ball in it giving the home side the 1-0 lead. Juventus would try and equalize but the half ended with Inter in the lead. Following the break Juventus would still be in the hunt for an equalizer while Inter were looking to secure all three points. But just like Juventus they weren’t going to go down quietly as Ronaldo finds the back of the net making things all square. Inter would try to get the win but both sides would hold on for a point keeping Inter’s potential third place season finish in tact.


Inter in this match will continue to utilize the 4-2-3-1 formation. In goal is the captain Handanovic who has a total of fifteen clean sheets. On defense is Asamoah who has become a anchor on the position of left back. In the middle is the duo of Skriniar and Devrij who are both strong at stealing the ball along with blocking chances. On the right back is D’Ambrosio who is the weak link of the defense and needs to be sold at the end of the season. On the defensive mid returning from injury is Brozovic and tagging up with him is Vecino. On the attacking side of things on the left wing is Perisic who is hit and miss but still has potential to still be an asset next season. In the middle is the ninja Radja and capping them off on the right wing is Politano who should be signed at the end of the season as he has become a stronger player and up top is Icardi. This is a solid lineup but they need to be careful as Juventus are a solid team.



In the heart of Milan on a late Saturday night final preparations were being made as this match was about to get underway. After the players took their spots it was game on in this highly anticipated matchup. Seconds into the half Juventus looked to start things off with a bang as Bonnuci from outside the box takes a shot which is saved in the center of the goal by Handanovic. But minutes later the stalemate would be broken as Radja lands a right footed shot landing the ball in the top left corner of the goal giving them the 1-0 lead. Three minutes later Juventus looked for an equalizer as Chiellini misses a shot from outside the box. In the twelfth minute Icardi and Devrij made two amazing shots unfortunately both of their attempts would be saved by Szsezny. So far Inter are the dominant squad so far in this match. Alomost twenty minutes in Radja looks to get his second goal of the match but his attempt misses to the left of the goal. Seconds later Perisic gets a shot saved in the top center of the goal. Bernardeshi gives Juventus another shot at making this an even match as he takes a shot which goes over the crossbar. Perisic minutes later has the same result as the ball sails over the crossbar. Nearing the thirty minute mark Icardi from the center of the box gets his shot blocked. This is followed up by another shot from him but this time the ball misses the goal. Ronaldo a minute later misses a shot from outside the box. Five minutes later Cancelo misses a shot of his own. Inter have done a solid job defensively and creating and finishing chances. With that the half ends with the homeboys up 1-0. If they take this momentum into the second half this match is theirs for the taking.


After the break this match recommences as Inter look to maintain their lead while Juventus look to take home a point. Minutes into the half D’Ambrosio missses a shot from the right of the box. This is followed up by an attempt from Perisic but his shot misses the goal as well. Near the sixty minute mark Juventus get their first chance of this half. Juan misses a shot from the right of the box. Ronaldo minutes later gets a shot blocked but he wasn’t going to be denied as seconds later he lands a shot from the right of the box to the lower right corner of the goal which makes things all evened up once again. Ten minutes later Inter look to take the lead once again as Perisic takes a shot from the left of the box but is saved in the top center of the goal. In the seventy forth minute Inter make their first subbing as Valero comes on for Radja. Pjanic after the subbing takes a shot which is saved in the lower left corner. This half has been pretty evenly match whereas the first was dominated by Inter though Inter are showing to be the stronger side in this match. Can a few minutes later misses the goal. With ten minutes to play Inter make subbing number two as Mario comes on for Politano. After being subbed on Mario takes a shot which is saved in the lower right corner. Perisic seconds later misses a shot from the left of the box. In the eighty second minute make their final substitution as Martinez comes on for Icardi. Inter would have won final chance to win the match as Martinez misses a shot from outside the box with that the match ends and each side salvaging a point each.

This was a fair result for both sides. Juventus are a strong side but Inter weren’t going to leave this match empty handed. Inter did a solid job defending the whole match with blocking Juventus’s chances along with stealing the ball. Offensive wise they did a great job creating chances along with finishing them. They are showing improvements when they compete against stronger sides. But they still have a lot of work to do in this area. The man of the match is Perisic who did a solid job creating chances. He did a solid job assisting in others chances along with playing defensively if needed. Inter in their next match take on bottom four team Udinese who they beat at the start of the season. They will look to keep their spot in third place while Udinese look to just get more points. As always until the next one Forza Inter.


By the numbers
Inter Milan
Possession 55%
Shots 15
On target 6
Passes 539
Pass success 86%
Possession 45%
Shots 10
On target 3
Passes 444
Pass success 86%

Top of the table
Juventus 28-4-2 88pts
Napoli 20-7-6 67pts
Inter Milan 18-8-8 62pts
Roma 16-10-8 58pts
Milan 15-11-7 56pts

Bottom of the table
Genoa 8-10-15 34pts
Udinese 8-9-16 33pts
Empoli 7-8-19 29pts
Frosinone 5-8-20 23pts
Cheivo 2-11-20 14pts

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