Third place in jeopardy as Inter fail to top Udinese #156

Score: Inter Milan 0 Udinese 0FT



Dacia Arena
Udine Italy

After their draw against eight time Scudetto winners Juventus Inter travel to take on seventeenth place Udinese. Udinese on the other hand are coming off a loss. In the first batch of matches in the start of the season Inter would beat Udinese 1-0. Overall Inter have won five out of their last six matches against them. Overall in this match Inter are the clear favorites to come out on top and win this match which it should be. In this match Inter will look to keep their potential third place finish alive while Udinese look to move up in the league standings. In this match Inter will need to finish their scoring chances. They will also need to maintain possession of the ball which shouldn’t be hard for them as this is one of the main tactics they use along with controlling the match in their opponents half. Also they need to make sure to block any scoring chances Udinese take. But the one key area that they will need to improve is winning the ball in the air which is one key area Udinese are strong in. Udinese will favor shots using individual skill but as a result they have more individual errors. This match should be a win for Inter as already stated but football is a roller coaster and even the underdogs can come out on top. In the first half Inter took hold of the possession which is not uncommon along with taking hold of scoring possibilities. Defensive wise they held Udinese to a standstill as they had limited chances and any chance they did take they made sure they blocked or saved them. But despite all that they played to a draw. In the second half they did the same holding Udinese to seven total chances in the match but despite all their efforts they only pulled away with a point each putting Inter’s third place finish in jeopardy.


In this match Inter stick with the 4-2-3-1 formation. In goal is none other than the captain Handanovic who as done a great job this season as he is close to securing the golden glove this season with sixteen clean sheets. On the defense on left back is Asomah. In the middle is the duo of Devrij and Skriniar who in my opinion are the strongest defenders Inter has at the moment as some of the others are lackluster as of late. Then capping them off on right back is D’Ambrosio. On the defensive mid is the ninja Radja who is moving from the attack to the defense this is a odd switch but it could work out in Inter’s favor. Next to him is Brozovic who as been struggling the past few months as he has gone goalless and could be in jeopardy at the end of the season. On the attack on the left wing is Perisic who as been struggling as well but however he has done a great job creating chances but finishing them is an issue. In the middle is Valero and on the right wing is Politano. Up top is Martinez who has a lot of work to become a real threat but he’s on the right track. This is a solid lineup but with limited option it’s the best they got.




After bet were made and the players took the pitch this match gets underway. Minutes into the half Udinese looked to score early with a shot from Rolando taking a chance from the right of the box but the ball goes to the left of the goal. Seven minutes later Inter get their first chance of the match as Radja takes a shot from outside the box which gets saved in the lower right corner of the goal. A few minutes later Rolando again looked to put Udinese on top with a shot from outside the box but his attempt gets blocked. In the twenty second minute Inter get two awesome back to back chances with Martinez and D’Ambrosio taking headers but both chances would miss to the left of the goal. Inter have taken hold of the scoring chances and possession Inter are showing their dominance but can they capitialize on any of their chances. Nearing the thirty minute mark Radja misses a shot from outside the box. Shortly after Rodrigo gets an attempt from outside the box. So far Udinese are stuck at a stand still though they have had a few good chances. Sebastian takes a shot in thirty sixth minute with a right footed shot which misses the goal as it goes over the crossbar and to the right. Rolando with seven minutes left in the half Rolando gets his third attempt of the match from the left of the box but Handanovic saves it in the top center of the goal. A minute later Politano takes a shot which misses over the crossbar. Before the half ended Inter had one final chance to put themselves on top as Brozovic misses a shot from the left of the box as the ball misses the upper left ninety. With that the half ends with a 0-0 draw with Inter dominating most of the half. If they can capitalize on any of their chances they can possibly win this match and get all three points.



Following the break this match resumes play as bot sides are in the hunt for all three points. Minutes into the half Martinez takes a shot from outside the box but the ball is saved in the lower left corner. Rolando moments later gets his shot saved as well after a strike from outside the box. This is followed up by a shot from Martinez whose shot from the center of the box gets blocked. Minutes later Rodrigo gets a shot from outside the box blocked. This is followed by chances from Radja and Perisic but both chances would miss the goal. In the sixty third minute Radja gets another shot blocked this is followed by Inter’s first subbing of the match as Icardi comes on for Valero. Radja seconds later gets a shot from outside the box blocked this is followed by a shot from Devrij who gets a shot saved in the center of the goal. Martinez and Brozovic seconds later takes chances which miss the goal. Inter have done a solid job keeping Udinese at bay as they have kept their chance limited. With fifteen minutes to play Martinez gets two chances in a row both of the chances were blocked. Two minutes later Inter make their second subbing as Candreva comes on for Politano. Then minutes later they make their last subbing as Keita comes on for Martinez. With three minutes to play Keita gets a shot saved from the center of the box. In the final minute Perisic had one final chance to give Inter the win with a chance from the left of the box but the ball goes to the left of the with that the match ends with both sides getting a point putting Inter’s third place finish on the bubble.


This was a terrible result for them as they had many chances to capitialize on. They also did a solid job holding Udinese to their half of the pitch and blocked and saved their scoring chances. They however still struggle to beat lower table teams at times. This is a issue when a top three finish hangs in the balance. The man of the match is Radja as he helped assist and created most of their scoring chances. In their next match Inter take on relegated Cheivo who they beat at the start of the season this match is a must win for them and should be a easy win as well. Until the next one FORZA INTER.

By the numbers
Inter Milan
Possession 72%
Shots 21
On target 4
Passes 651
Pass success 91%
Possession 27%
Shots 7
On target 3
Passes 249
Pass success 73%

Top of the table
Juventus 28-5-2 89pts
Napoli 22-7-6 78pts
Inter Milan 18-9-8 63pts
Atalanta 18-8-9 62pts
Roma 16-11-8 59pts

Bottom of the table
Genoa 8-12-15 36pts
Udinese 8-10-17 34pts
Empoli 8-8-19 32pts
Frosinone 5-9-21 24pts
Cheivo 2-12-21 15pts

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