Inter vs Cheivo match day 36 preview #157


After their draw against Udinese Inter welcome bottom of the table and officially relegated Cheivo. Cheivo on the other hand are coming off a loss. The last time these two sides faced each other they played to a 1-1 draw. Inter have won four out of their last six matches against Cheivo. In this match Cheivo will look to just get more points as they are officially out of Serie A and have nothing to play for. This comes after some financial fair play issues which docked them points and needed to sell some of their best players to make up for it. This in turn gave them limited options and have struggled with form all season. This was once a team that would for the past few seasons finished in the table. But on the other hand Inter have a lot riding on their last few matches as a third place finish hangs in the balance as Atalanta now sit one point behind them as they’ve been on fire this season so must wins for them are critical.



Inter Milan


Out with injury is Vecino who is suffering with thigh issues and it is unsure when he’ll return to action. Defensive wise against relegation sides they’re pretty solid either holding them to a draw or they get all three points. Skriniar and Devrij week in and week out continue to be the dominant force on the defense blocking opponents scoring chances along with stealing the ball. The player who is hit and miss is Asomah who has good days and bad ones but most performances are solid. The weak link on the defense is D’Ambrosio who allows gaps and has a hard time blocking opponents chances which can be costly. In their midfield they are pretty solid in creating chances but finishing chances on the other hand is where they have a lot of work to do. The strong players in creating chances and finishing them are Radja who despite not having many goals this season as helped give the midfield life. Another player who has come a long way from the start of the season is Politano who is good at creating chances and assisting and would do well as a permanent fixture on the squad. Up top in the forward spot Martinez still needs to get stronger as a player if he wants to become a threat but he is getting there. Icardi on the other hand needs to leave as he has been a pain since the Europa League fiasco and has been nothing but drama and a headache. The key player in this match will be Politano who will try and create as many chances as possible along with assist where needed. If Cheivo can’t isolate him it will cause them problems.




list for Cheivo is Schelotto out with a ligament rupture. Defensive wise they have been a very weak side as they’ve allowed way to many gaps which have cost them as their opponents have been able to score as a result. And they have been struggling to steal the ball away from their opponents along with maintaining possession of it as well. They also have been failing to block chances as well which all of this put together has seen them end up in relegation. On the midfield and attacking side of things the whole squad as been struggling to finish their scoring chances along with even creating them but they have been fortunate to get draws and a few wins here and there. Also the goalkeeping as been an issue for them as well.

The bottom line

The bottom line will all come down to Inter finishing their scoring chances and maintain possession of the ball which won’t be hard for them to do as they do well doing that against relegation sides. They will also need to block Cheivo’s chances and keeping the pressure in their half of the pitch. Cheivo on the other hand will need to do the same but they will have a harder time as they’re facing a top tier team and they struggle against stronger clubs. This match hands down should be a easy win for Inter anything less is a disappointment as they could potentially lose their third place finish with only two matches to play after this.
Inter projected 4-2-3-1
GK Handanovic
Def Asomah, Devrij, Skriniar, D’Ambrosio
Def mid Valero and Gagliardini
Att mid Perisic, Radja, Politano
Forward Martinez


Cheivo 3-4-1-2
GK Semper
Def Barba, Cesar, Andreolli
Def mid Jaroszynski, Rigoni, Hetemaj, Depaoli
Att mid Vignato
Forwards Meggiorini, Stepinski


Stadium San Siro
Place Milan Italy
Date May 13th
Time 2pm USA 8pm UK 9pm Italy

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