Inter back into third as they top relegated Cheivo #158

Score: Inter 2 Cheivo 0FT


San Siro
Milan Italy
Following their draw against Udinese Inter welcome relegated Cheivo in a early Monday night matchup. Cheivo on the other hand are coming a loss. The last time these two sides faced each other they played to a 1-1 draw but overall Inter have won four out of their last six matches against them. Cheivo in this match are looking to just get more points not like it will do them any good as they’ve been struggling all season first with FFP violations to selling some of their players to being docked points which was all a recipe for disaster. Inter on the other hand are looking to keep their third place finish alive as Atalanta sit one point behind them. Inter in this match will need to finish their scoring chances along with maintain possession of the ball which will be easy as they do well against relegation sides in this area. They will also need to block Cheivo’s chances. Cheivo will need to do all the things mentioned but they will need to try and hard press Inter if they have any hopes of pulling off another draw but this match should be a very easy win anything less is a disappointment. In the first half Inter took hold of the possession as is customary against relegation sides. They also lead in scoring chances as well. Before it seemed the half would end in a draw Politano lands the ball in the back of the net making it 1-0. In the next half Inter maintained their possession and leading in scoring chances. Inter before the match would end added to their lead as Perisic buries the ball into the back of the net with that Inter get a huge and must needed win from the unflying donkeys Cheivo.



Inter in this match stick with the 4-2-3-1 formation. In goal is leader in clean sheets and captain Handanovic. On the defense on left back is Asaomah. In the middle instead of Devrij he is replaced with Miranda and next to him is Skriniar. Capping them off on the right is a player who has a lot of work to do before he becomes a solid defender is Soares. On the defensive midfield is the duo of Vecino and Valero. On the attacking side of things on the left wing is none other than Perisic. In the middle is the ninja Radja. Then capping them off is Politano who should be signed at the end of the campaign. Then up top is a player who needs to be sold is Icardi. This is a solid lineup capable of beating Cheivo.



Following final preparations this match was about to get underway. Ten minutes into the match Inter looked to get on the board as Radja connects a shot from outside the box but his attempt gets blocked. Five minutes later Skriniar lands a header after a cross from Soares but his attempt goes to the left of the goal. A minute later Cheivo get their first chance of the match as Leris misses a shot from outside the box. Inter have done a great job taking hold of the posession and creating scoring chances. They have done a solid job of keeping Cheivo’s chances limited. Politano takes a shot from outside the box but gets saved in the center of the goal. Two minutes later Radja gets a shot from outside of the box as Inter continue to out class Cheivo at every turn. Perisic takes a shot from the left of the box but the attempt gets saved in the lower left corner of the goal. Moments later he takes another chance from the left of the box again but this time his shot gets blocked. Inter are hard pressing Cheivo. A minute later Miranda takes a header which is saved in the center of the goal. Cheivo with ten minutes to play in the half get their next chance of the half as Riccardo misses a shot from outside the box as the ball goes over the crossbar. Icardi minutes later takes a header which gets blocked. A minute later the deadlock is broken as Politano takes a shot from outside the box and that shot lands in the lower right corner of the goal which put Inter up 1-0. Before the half would end Skriniar looked to add to their lead with a shot from outside the box but the shot goes to the right of the goal with that the half ends with the homeside up 1-0. If they continue their pressure on Cheivo this match for them is pretty much in the bag.




After the break this match resumes play with Inter up 1-0. Minutes into the half Emmanuel of Cheivo takes a shot from the left of the goal which misses the goal on the right hand side. This is followed by a header from Icardi but his attempt also misses the mark as the ball goes over the crossbar. Moments later Sofian from outside the box takes an attempt but it gets blocked by a dominant Inter side. Politano and Persic in the same minute take two left footed attempts but each of their chances is saved in the lower left corner of the gaol. Inter have maintained possession throughout this match and keeping Cheivo at arms length. After the sixty minute mark Inter makes their first subbing of the match after Politano suffers a game ending injury so they put on Candreva. Two minutes later Perisic hits the post after a strike from the center of the box. In the sixty fifth minute Inter make their next subbing as Gagliardini comes on for Vecino. This is followed minutes later Soares taking a shot from the right of the box but it gets blocked. Gagliardini seconds later takes a shot of his own from outside the box but it too gets blocked. Sofian misses a shot from over thirty five yards out as the ball goes to the left of the goal. With twelve minutes left to play Icardi from the center of the box takes a header which goes over the crossbar. A minute later Inter make their last subbing of the match as Martinez comes on for Icardi. Gagliardini takes a shot from the center of the box but it gets blocked. Inter are just minutes away from possibly securing a much needed win. With four minutes to go Inter add to their lead as Perisic from the center of the box connects with the left foot landing the ball into the lower left corner of the goal making it 2-0 to the home side. In the final minute of the match Perisic misses a shot from outside the box with that the final whistle blows securing Inter a much needed win as this jumps them back into third place.



This was a huge win bumping them back up to third place. Inter still need to work things out against both offensive and on the defensive as well mostly against stronger teams but even against bottom of the table teams as some of those tend to give Inter problems. The man of the match goes to Perisic who created most of their scoring chances and assisted where needed and he secured the win for Inter as well. The next time Inter play is Sunday against second place Napoli. A win against Napoli secures their third place finish depending how Atalanta perform in their match. 

By the numbers
Inter Milan
Possession 71%
Shots 24
On target 10
Passes 626
Pass success 88%
Possession 29%
Shots 5
On target 0
Passes 259
Pass success 72%
Top of the table
Juventus 28-5-2 89pts
Napoli 23-7-6 76pts
Inter Milan 19-9-8 66pts
Atalanta 19-8-9 65pts
Milan 17-11-8 62pts
Bottom of the table
Udinese 9-10- 17 37pts
Genoa 8-12-16 36pts
Empoli 9-8-19 35pts
Frosinone 5-9-22 24pts
Cheivo 2-12-22 15pts

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