Inter vs Empoli match day 38 preview #161

Following their 4-1 thrashing against Napoli we hit the final match of the season as Inter welcome relegation threatened Empoli. Empoli on the other hand are coming off a 4-1 win against Torino. Back in December when these two sides clashed in the first half of matches Inter won the match 1-0. Overall Inter have won all of their past six matches against Empoli. In this match Inter look to win along with the help of other teams will hope to finish in third place a one jump placement of last seasons fourth place finish. Empoli will look to avoid relegation with a win of their own and them hoping that Genoa lose their respective match. So both sides have their own reasons for winning this final match of the season.


Inter Milan


Out on the injured list is Devrij who is out the rest of the season which is sad to see those kind of injuries occur. It is official that Handanovic will win the golden glove this season with seventeen clean sheets which is an amazing accomplishment along with taking the captain’s armband and becoming the leader this team needed. Defensive wise they have come along way since last season has they’ve become stronger against top side though they still have work in that area. Skriniar who is now signed until the 2023 season has become a strong defender and is they key player on the defense as he is great at blocking shots and stealing the ball. Another player who is strong in this area is Devrij but unfortunately won’t be able to play but he shows the same passion and intensity which is why when Devrij and Skriniar tagged up they were a force to be reckoned with. On the defensive midfield Gagliardini and Brozovic are the strongest in this area though not always scoring many goals but when it comes to defending they are solid. On the attacking side of things Perisic despite struggling this season he is still a valuable asset to the squad he is good at creating chances and helping with assist. Radja when he scores make it look effortless despite not scoring many he has added depth to the squad. Politano who has come a long way since the start of the season he is becoming a threat inside and out of the box and scored more goals at Inter than with Sassuolo and will be the key threat in this match. Up top however Martinez is slowly becoming a threat and over the next few seasons shows potential of becoming something special.





Out of this match for Empoli’s side are La Gumina, Antonelli, Diks and Krunic. Defensive wise they are weak but do have some players who stand out in this area. Dell’Orco and Silvestre who are strong at blocking chances and stealing the ball away from their opponents. On their midfield a few of their key players who are great at scoring chances along with assist are Bennacer, Capezzi and Pajac they are good inside and outside of the box but they do however are weaker against stronger clubs which will make this match a challenge for them especially with the dreaded relegation threat looming in the air. But the key threat in this match is their main goal scorer Caputo who has a total of sixteen goals if Inter don’t isolate him he will run all over their defense and cost them their third place finish.



The bottom line


As usual this match will come down to Inter finishing their scoring chances and capitalizing on them. Also they will need to keep the ball away from Empoli along with blocking their chances. Empoli will look to do the same thing as both sides have something they are both fighting for. Both sides however are evenly match in way of aerial duels where they both struggle but overall Empoli have a hard time defending the ball in a ton of areas on the pitch which could prove to be their downfall along with being caught offside which will deter some crucial scoring chances. This is where Inter can utilize the offside trap to keep them at bay. This match should be a win for Inter but Empoli being in a relegation fight will not go down easily as this long season finally comes to an end.

Inter projected 4-2-3-1
Gk Handanovic
Def Asomah, Skriniar, Miranda, D’Ambrosio
Def mid Brozovic and Gagliardini
Att mid Perisic, Radja, Politano
Forward Martinez




Empoli projected 4-3-3
Gk Provedel
Def Curto, Dell’Orco, Pasqual, Rasmussen
Def mid Bennacer, Capezzi, Pajac
Att Ucan Caputo, Traore


Stadium San Siro
Place Milan Italy
Date May 26th
Time 1:30pm USA 7:30pm UK 8:30pm Italy

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