Conte takes control at Inter #165


As of recent months it was rumored that Spalletti would be getting the sack it was unsure of his future with the club. Spalletti has finished the past two seasons in forth place and securing Inter with their second champions league spot in a row but left some to be desired. Spalletti was the first manager to help them qualify for the champions league since the 2012 season. This was a huge accomplishment for them. But due to his contract ending and his future uncertain the club decided to part ways with him. There were many rumors of who would assume control of the club but prior to the parting ways with Spalletti there were a bunch of names in the pot. The first name that was circulated was Simeone of Atletico Madrid who has had success there usually finishing seasons in the top five each season however he extended his contract taking him off the table. However Inter’s preference was former Chelsea manager Antonio Conte who has been without work for the past season after being left go from Chelsea on the 13th of July 2018. But just after the season on May 31st 2019 he was appointed manager of the club. Conte has had success with a bunch of clubs and if he makes the right moves he may be a vital asset to Inter’s success going forward.




FC Internazionale Unveils New Coach Antonio Conte
Conte has had a very successful career with a variety of clubs. But where his career really took off is when he debuted as manager for Juventus on May 11th 2011. He replaced then manager Luigi Delneri he was given high expectations as he played for the club as a midfielder and had success there during his playing carrier. In his In his first ten months he made a huge impact he helped them tie Fabio Capello unbeaten run of 28 matches. He also in 2012 lead them to a Coppa Italia final which wasn’t seen since the 2004 season. Also in the same year he completed the league double against Inter and he was awarded the Trofeo Maestrelli which is the highest honor given to the best managers in the league. Despite drawing a lot of their matches that season he lead them to their 28th league title. But in the following season he lead them to their next title despite losing to Napoli in the Coppa Italia which was their only loss that season. Despite winning three back to back league titles he failed in European competitions they were eliminated in the Champions League though reaching the semi finals of the Europa League in the 2013-14 season. In July 2014 Conte thought it was best to part ways with the club despite winning three Panchina d’oros for best Serie A coach of the season. He would then manage the Italy national squad before signing as manager for English club Chelsea in 2016 on a three year contract. He started the season with authority with 11 consecutive wins in a row which eventually turned into 13 tieing Arsenals record back in 2002. But eventually the streak came to an end after a loss to Tottenham. Later that month he became the only manager in the leagues history to win three EPL manager of the month awards in a row. In the 2016-17 season he lead them to a league title though losing to Arsenal a few weeks later in the FA Cup final. After the season he signed a two year contract extension which was to end sometime this year. The following season however he was able to attain the FA Cup beating Manchester United 1-0. But he finished the 2017-18 season in fifth place missing out on the Champions League and the club made the decision to part ways with Conte as his performance with the club was slowly on the decline. Over the past year it was uncertain with what would happen to him as he has been out of work and with Spalletti future unclear they parted ways with him and settled and laid to rest the rumors being circulated about a replacement and signed him on May 31st 2019 on a unknown length of the contract.




Soccer - Italian Serie A - Juventus v Cagliari - Juventus Stadium
Conte will help the club in a few ways. First and foremost Conte will not tolerate drama and shenanigans on and off the pitch. If there is the slightest amount of drama he will take disciplinary actions such has fines and other ways. If Icardi and his wife are stuck at Inter for another season they will need to keep that in check unless they want to be shown the door which may be possible this transfer window. Second despite mostly being known for the 3-5-2 formation he is a manager where needed will make formation changes and switch players depending on their opponents. But if he will routinely use the 3-5-2 formation he will need to make quality moves to get strong players to help make the formation work. Also he will use a tough training schedule to keep the players in shape and help the club practice various scenarios based on each opponent. This will help the club better prepare for there opponents and will help them in the Champions League as well. This is a great fit for the club with that being said welcome to the club Antonio Conte.


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