Inter Season Review #164


Hello everyone we have finally hit the end of the season in this article we’ll do a recap of the season, along with pros and cons of it followed by player awards and managerial rating. At the start of the season Inter struggled to get any momentum going as they lost and drew in their first two matches of the season to Sassuolo and Torino. They would find themselves heading towards the another disappointing campaign which was shades of two seasons ago where they eventually finished sixth place that year. But in the third week of the season is where Inter would get their first win against Bologna in a 3-0 shout out. But the next match they would lose to Parma. They would win seven matches in a row after that as they would head into third place. But their winning streak would be short lived as in November Atalanta would decimate them in a 4-1 loss on Atalanta’s home turf in Bergamo which is where they shine and flourish. But they would get back on track with a win against Frosinone and a draw against Roma. They would later lose to Juventus 1-0 but they would maintain their third place status. Before the winter break Inter would win three matches along with getting a draw in the other as Inter finished the first half of the season in third place. They would have a 12 point gap between them and fourth but of course that gap wasn’t that stainable as the winter struggles came upon the club with a stretch of matches where they would fail to get any wins which saw the gap dwindle to seven points. But in the last few months of the season we saw that gap get closer and closer to them moving to fourth as Atalanta have been on fire most of the season and would overtake Inter in third it would come down to the final match of the season to see where everyone would finish and with both Atalanta and Inter winning their respective matches but despite having even points Atalanta had the better goal difference as Inter finish fourth getting  Champions League for the second straight season 

Pros and cons…



First and foremost Inter overall had a good season though a third place finish would’ve been a small improvement than last season. One of the key issues that needs to be addressed is how lackluster Inter are against stronger sides. This comes in way of limited scoring chances though they have made some improvements in this area such has becoming more of a threat inside the box. Also defensive wise they still struggle to maintain the ball and steal it as well from stronger opponents but still small improvements were made by becoming more aggressive against these sides. But it isn’t always stronger sides that give Inter problems some of the losses and draws came from relegation and mid table clubs. These are matches that Inter could easily win but against these sides they think the match will be easy as they’re not going to fight for anything they take it easy and hold back while especially the relegation sides go all Barcelona on them as they will fight with their every breathe to stay in the top flight. Even if the club has already been relegated they still give it all they got. Inter next season need to work on being aggressive even towards those sides because if they can start to win more against those sides and get points against stronger sides they can possibly contend for the title once again. Despite gaining some depth they still struggle in this area as seen in their Champions League and Europa League runs they had limited players at their disposal which was a issue as they fell out against Jovic & Frankfurt in the Europa League. They do have room to work more in the next one. One thing that Inter has done is seen improvements in loaned players this can be seen in Balde and Politano unfornately this wasn’t seen in Vrsaljiko as a injury early in the season sidelined them for the remainder of the year. Balde and Politano mostly Politano as he became more of a threat inside the box and scored more goals at Inter than he ever did with Sassuolo but Balde showed some growth as well in this area despite being injured most of the season. But it seems unlikely that either of them will be signed. One of the key issues this season was the chaos and discord in the locker room between Icardi, management and other players. This was after Icardi denied a Europa League call up which lead to him being stripped of his captaincy and Wanda and Mauro started drama with them and Perisic which in turn saw him wanting to leave the club but after seeing Icardi being benched for the first quarter of the back half of the season Perisic changed his tune and wanting to stay. By the time this article gets out Inter will be under new leadership under Antonio Conte who will not tolerate childish behavior and is looking to send Icardi packing as he isn’t in his vision for the club going forward. The final positive of this season is securing back to back top five finishes along with back to back Champions League spots which is a huge accomplishment over recent seasons. Overall this was a great season and the only way to go from here is up.




Awards/Managerial rating…




Signing and young player of the season Martinez


Martinez without question deserves both of these awards. He has come along way since the start of the season. In the beginning he looked as if he had no clue what he was doing along with being timid in certain areas such as inside the box. But after being forced to lead the attack after the whole Icardi fiasco he has grown as a player. He is becoming more confident both outside as well as inside the box. He has along way to go but he will get there. Along with all that in my opinion he has taken charge of the attack in a leadership way being able to help direct traffic and help get players set up for goal chances. The more time he spends practicing the better he will become. He had a total of four goals but since he is not a fully developed player this is a great start to his career at Inter.




Player of the season Samir Handanovic


This award was an odd no brainer. He had a total of seventeen clean sheets and won the golden glove award. This is an awesome accomplishment bringing some sort of award back to the club. He has also become the captain this club desperately needed as he was given the armband following Icardi’s armband stripping. He has guided the team during the whole ordeal keeping their minds on the matches that were at hand. He directed traffic and got the players where they needed to be along with not starting drama and keeping things respectful with the club, management and supporters. Handanovic congratulations on all that you’ve accomplished this season and look forward to seeing what you do next season.


Managerial rating… 7.5 


The managerial rating this season is a 7.5 out of 10. This is because they finished in the same spot as last season if they had improved and finished third it would’ve been an 8 out of 10. But overall they did a solid job securing their second Champions League spot in a row. The problem that still remains is miscommunication and lack of trust between management and players. If they work on this aspect they should be golden because a team that doesn’t trust their managers to get the job done will eventually fall apart. As stated earlier by the time this article goes out Inter will be under Conte’s leadership and would like to wish Luciano Spalletti the best of luck in his future endeavors. Until next season as always Forza Inter.

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