Conte’s puzzle is coming together as Inter Signs Vererstile Lazaro and tough Sensi #167


As the transfer window continues to heat up Inter just almost a week ago made their first signing of the summer as Godin joined the club on a free transfer from Atletico Madrid. But a day later Inter would make their next signing of the window. Inter have been on the hunt for a few solid midfielders as some of their current midfielders are not apart of Conte’s vision for the club. Such as Radja who isn’t in Conte’s vision so they are looking for a few solid midfielders. Currently still in talks is a talk for Cagliari’s Barella who was to join Roma but Barella made it clear he would only transfer to another club only if it’s Inter. But they have been in talks with Bundesliga side Hertha Berlin. They have been in talks for their player Valentino Lazaro he is only 23 years old and shows huge potential. But the deal just recently went through on Monday. He signed a contract until the 2023 season for 22million Euros. But that wasn’t it Inter continued to pull deals off. Conte this transfer window isn’t playing games he is working hard to get the players he needs to get Inter back into hopefully title contention. Not only is he signing critical players but he is also putting the team through a rigorous training regimen getting the whole squad in top physical shape for the season. Inter this week made another key signing from the club that gave us now permanent player Politano they signed midfielder Sensi who will strengthen the midfield and continue to add depth. Hopefully with all these changes will be worth while for the club.

Lazaro started his early career at Grazer before being transferred to Salzburg but for 10 million euros he was picked up by Hertha Berlin which is where his career took off. When he was with Salzburg where he played as a winger or in the midfield he made a total of 19 appearances with five goals. But as stated when he transferred to Hertha Berlin is where his career took off as in his first goal for the club in a win against Bayer Leverkusen. While he was with them he had 58 appetences with six goals. But during his time there he was also utilized in more of a defensive roll which makes him a versatile player who can play where ever the need is greatest. So far across all clubs he has played 146 professional appearances with a combined 16 goals. Antonio saw he would be a valuable asset to the club and signed him to a four year contract for 22million euros.


Lazzaro is a player who would be a versatile asset to the club. He is commonly used in a right back position where he is good at stealing the ball and maneuvering the ball back to his side. He is good at maintaining possession of the ball as well. He is good at giving his team mates room and he favors playing on the left side as he favors going to the center close to the forward positions. He is good physically such has agility and speed. But he is also great at assisting shots along with scoring goals as he can be used as a striker or in the midfield. Due to his versatility he is good at one on one play. He is going to be threat in both offensive and defensive play which will cause opponents nightmares. He could be used as a solid backup or a crucial key starter depending on their opponents but despite being used in more of a 4-3-3 formation there should be no reason Conte couldn’t find a reasonable spot to play in his more commonly used 3-5-2 formation.



Meanwhile Sensi played Rimini where he spent three years with the club. But he then transferred to Cesena. He debuted in the Coppa Italia in the fourth round match where they would lose 3-1 to Atalanta though he was on the bench the whole match. In 2013 he was sent on loan to San Marino Calcio. He played his first professional match on September 8th in a 2-0 loss to Reggiana in the second division. Shortly a week later he would score his first professional goal in a 2-0 win against Como. San Marino however did not purchase Sensi after his two season loan and he played 59 matches for them scoring ten goals. But that season they were relegated to Serie D. But after the loan he made his debut for Cesena in August 2015 winning against Catania in the third round of the Coppa Italia. He made his debut in the league in a 2-0 win against Brescia. He signed a contract for Sassuolo where he finished a six month loan with them but while at Sassuolo he has 61 appearances and 5 goal while on loan he had 14 appearances and 1 goal before signing a season long deal with Inter.



Sensi plays as of late plays as a defender but before then he was a solid midfielder which will make him versatile. He is quick and agile he is also good at using both feet which means he is a good playmaker which will be good at completing and creating goal chances. This means he can be used in the midfield or as a winger but mostly he can be used anywhere in that area. Due to his tactical prowess and good read of the pitch he is also good at a defensive roll being able to steal the ball and help his side maintain possession of the ball. With his versatility Conte can play him in a variety of areas depending on their opponents or he can switch gears during a match where the need is greatest. Welcome to Inter Valentino Lazzaro & Stefano Sensi .

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