Inter Milan Season Preview #170

League 3rd
Champions League round of 16
Coppa Italia round of 8


Everyone we are slowly approaching the 2019-20 Serie A season. Last season Inter finished in fourth place and securing their second Champions League in a row under the leadership of now former manager Luciano Spalleti. This season their a several new faces which will be discussed along with pros and concerns for the season along with thing the club needs to work on this season. At the very end is where in my honest opinion Inter will finish in various competitions.



New faces.


The first new face is Inter’s new manager Antonio Conte. Conte is known for his brash training tactics and the 3-5-2 formation. He is also known for his successes at Juventus winning them a Scudetto and winning league titles and other titles at Juventus. Now on the player side of the spectrum on loan from Sassuolo is Sensi who play has a midfield had only five goals with them but he maybe a player like his friend Politano may become a stronger player while at Inter. Inter signed a prolific defender on a free transfer Godin from Atletico Madrid who has helped win titles for his now former club. Another player who has become a permanent player is Lazaro from Hetha Berlin he is not a strong yet only having five goals himself but Conte seems to work better with average or slightly above average players so who knows how this will turn out. Barella finally joined his childhood club he only has seven goals but he is a player who is on the rise and hopefully the move to Inter will see him blossom into a stronger player. The most recent signing is Lukaku from Manchester United who has helped lead the team to a variety of titles along with smashing record or tieing them between Everton and Manchester United he scored 96 goals he will be a critical assest to the club has Icardi will be benched if he stays has he isn’t apart of Conte’s plans for the club has he doesn’t tolerate drama which him and his wife tend to cause. These will be some new players to keep an eye out for this season.





Some of the cons of these new faces are first Antonio Conte. Conte utilizes the 3-5-2 formation which is good against weaker sides. But against stronger sides this is not going to be a good formation to use has the attack of the other club will run right past them. That and Conte is like a dinosaur stuck in his ways and will struggle to adapt when changes are needed. This is the only issue that will cause the team issues has teams need to be able to adapt depending on who their opponents are. Also another key issue with Conte is his attitude. He has been known to get sent off by match officals when calls don’t go his clubs way which may leave a sour taste in supporters mouths has they need a manager who can lead not with just being firm but also maintain respect amoungst players, supporters and match officals. When it comes to the player side of things Godin is still a great defender but he is not in his prime anymore which is a issue especially when they’ll be playing with three in the back and they need strong players in that area. Midfield wise these are young players who don’t have much expierience and the issue here is that opponents who are stronger will use tackles and steal the ball from them which is no good. Also due to the lack of experience they may have a hard time keeping up with the pressure of performing for a prestigious club. The only issue when it comes to Lukaku is his physical form which may slow him down.





To finish off with some of the good points about all these signings and manager. Conte is a manager who doesn’t tolerate drama and will call you out for it which is the reason if Icardi stays he’ll be benched. This is good because it will help maintain a professional locker room. Conte is a proven title winner with the clubs Juventus and Chelsea winning league titles and competition titles has well. He maybe the manager the club needs to get the club a title once again. The players Godin despite not being in his prime is still a strong player he is good at stealing the ball along with blocking chances. He has had success at Atletico Madrid helping them win titles and could be that key player the club has been looking for to fill in the defense. The midfielders the club has signed will help them become stronger and versatile players. This also shows that Conte isn’t afraid to start younger players which has been a issue in recent seasons. Lukaku will be a solid player has he is great at goal scoring he’s not on Icardi’s level but he is still a solid performer. He is a threat inside the box because due to his height he is good at finishing headers and winning duals in the air. He is good at goal chance taking along with setting up assist. This will hopefully be a team that contends for a title in any competition.




Things the club needs to work on and maintain



Inter really don’t have much to work but they do have a few things they need to improve and maintain from last season. They did a great job creating chances but they still need to improve by finishing and capitalizing on those chances has they continue to struggle to convert. They also need to work on becoming a threat inside the box along with winning the ball in the air has those are some of their weaker points. Defensive this is the area is the strongest has they do a solid job blocking chances and maintaining possession of the ball. They also are solid at stealing the ball has well. However against stronger teams they need to focus on has they struggle against them. But overall they are a solid team.



Final thoughts


Inter will have their work cut out for them especially since they have a new manager and will need to adapt to a whole new formation. They will also have to maintain respect not just on the pitch but in the locker as well because if there is friction off the pitch it more than likely will show during match time which is a costly issue. However they have a proven winner has a manager and a great squad to work with. In just over a week the season will begin and has always I’ll be ready to bring you all the action so let’s get this thing started. As always FORZA INTER.


One thought on “Inter Milan Season Preview #170

  1. The 3-5-2 formation isn’t that dated, especially if you have Inter’s midfield. Inter’s wing backs will have to be good on both sides of the field if they are to be successful this season. Their wingbacks will be the most important in this formation.


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