Inter vs Lecce match day 1 Preview #171



Welcome everyone to the start to the 2019-20 Serie A season. There have been some major moves made with Inter Milan as they’ve signed Lukaku and Barella. They also brought in Sensi and Lazzaro. Inter also have brought in a new manager former Chelsea and Juventus man Antonio Conte. Last season secured their second fourth place finish behind Atalanta securing them their second Champions League spot in a row which is a huge accomplishment. This year however things are a lot different has now it’s time to improve from the past two seasons. Inter in order to improve will needn to move up a position in the table and make a push in the Champions League even if it’s making it into the knockout stages. But first item on the agenda is the first match has Inter take on recently promoted Lecce. The last time these two sides faced each other was back in the 2011-12 season where Lecce were relegated. Inter have won four out of their last six matches against them. Here is how these two sides stack up against each other.


Inter Milan
This is a whole new Inter than recent seasons. This season Icardi and Perisic aren’t apart of the equation. Icardi isn’t apart of the plans set by Conte due to his drama so if he stays he will be benched unless he tries to utilize him. Perisic on the other hand is on loan to Bayern. Inter still have their dynamic defensive duo Milan Skriniar and Stafan Devrij who work well together in way of stealing the ball and blocking chances. They look to do the same this season. Inter have lost Radja to Cagliari on loan but they have obtained Sensi, Lazzaro, and Barella. These are players with limited goals but some of them are players on the rise. They maybe the fresh legs this club needs has some of the players in the midfield are getting older and haven’t been performing well has of recent seasons. But the real player that everyone has been talking about is Lukaku from Manchester United. He has scored over 130 goals between Everton and Manchester United this is a solid signing but he is no Icardi but Conte gets better performance out of lesser players hopefully he works his magic with this squad. The key player is definitely Lukaku with his stature will be a tough player to stop.



Lecce has quite a few solid players. Defensive wise one of their top players who is good at blocking chances and stealing the ball is Dell’Orco he is strong inside the box and another defender of theirs who shows the same qualities is Dumancic. These players are the strongest in this area. In their midfield some key goal scorers Haye and Falco along with Tachtsidis they are strong inside the box especially when it comes to ariel duals. On the forward side of the spectrum Lo Faso and Farias they are their main goal scorers. They are their overall solid attackers who will more than likely be the key players in this match.




The Bottom Line


In this match Inter are going to plan on utilizing Conte’s 3-5-2 formation. Against this side this formation is a solid idea. Inter will more than likely play the pairing of Martinez and Lukaku up top Martinez will be going into his second season with the club who did a solid job taking over for Icardi during the whole fiasco Icardi was in. These two up top is going to be fire with Lukaku’s stature and Martinez speed these two will be a force to be reckoned with. Defensive wise they will play Devrij, Skriniar and D’Ambrosio Inter’s strongest defenders and in the midfield they will more than likely play Barella, Sensi, Politano, and Lazzaro. Inter will need to maintain possession of the ball and steal it when Lecce has the ball they will need to finish their scoring chances. Lecce will more than likely use a 4-3-3 approach to have that additional support on defense to offset Inter’s attack. They will need to do the same thing has Inter but they will have a harder hill to climb as Inter are the stronger side. This match should be a win for Inter giving them the first three points of the season.
Inter projected lineup 3-5-2
GK Handanovic
Def Skriniar, Devrij and D’Ambrosio
Mid Politano, Sensi, Barella, Lazzaro, Valero
Forwards Lukaku and Martinez


Gk Gabriel
Def Dell’Orco, Dumancic, Gallo, Benzar
Mid Haye, Falco, Tachtsidis
Att Farias, Lo Faso, Lapadula


Stadium San Siro
Place Milan Italy
Date August 26th 2019
Time 1:45pm USA 7:45 UK 8:45 Italy

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