Inter vs Lecce Talking Points #173


This week Inter took on recently promoted Lecce in a Monday night clash. Inter hadn’t faced Lecce since the 2011-12 season when Lecce got relegated. Going into the match Inter had the clear advantage has they were at home and had won four out of their last six matches against them so their should’ve been no doubt they would win this match. In the first half Inter started things off with a bang getting the first chance of the match but Lecce minutes later would get theirs. But Inter in the first half scored two goals each from Brozovic and Sensi. This put the home side up 2-0 going into the half. In the second half Inter weren’t showing signs of backing down and letting Lecce have any breathing room. Any chance that Lecce had in the match were either blocked or saved unless the shot missed the goal. But Inter added to more goals from Lukaku and from Candreva who hasn’t scored in quite sometime. This gave them their first three points of the season and Conte is the third manager to help Inter win their opening match of the campaign.



Conte did a great job in his debut match for the black and blues. He made sure the squad before the match went through a few night practices to get them familiar with the pitch and the lights. He also makes sure they’re putting hard work and effort into their training and if he sees something that isn’t up to his standard he makes any needed adjustments. Some of the players seemed to find new life under his leadership such has Candreva who helped create chances along with assisting even scoring a goal which is a side of him fans haven’t seen in quite awhile. Conte also showed a major amount of passion when they missed the goal he was devasted and celebrated when they scored it is nice to have a manager with huge heart and determination to win. Conte if he maintains this momentum throughout the season especially against stronger clubs was definitely worth the investment.

Lecce wasted chances

Lecce had way to many wasted chances. They did a great job creating chances but they had a hard time executing them. They had seventeen chances but they were only able to get three shots on target. But however they did a solid job on the counter attacks they were on fire in that area. If they were able to finish more of their scoring chances it is possible that they could’ve ended up scoring. But this wasn’t the case but overall they did a ok job in creating chances.


Inter’s attack

Inter’s attack in this match was incredible this is unlike the squad from recent seasons. They did a solid job creating and finishing chances having twenty four shots and eight of them being on target. They showed passion and intensity throughout the match. They even showed determination to win the match. They were strong on the counter attacks. This is a attack that fans haven’t seen in recent seasons has they are actually putting in the hard work and is doing what it takes to win matches. Hopefully this momentum will continue throughout the season. Because if they take this momentum with them and show that fire that’s always been there they may one day win the title once again.

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