Lukaku silences racist scoring crucial game winning penalty in Sardinia #175

Inter Milan 2 Cagliari 1



Sardegna Arena
Cagliari Italy

After their first win of the season Inter travel to take on Cagliari. Cagliari on the other hand are coming off a loss. Last season these two sides would split the season with a win a piece. But overall the advantage goes to Inter having won four out of their last six matches against them. In this match Inter will look to snag another three points while Cagliari look to get their first points of the season. Inter will look to cut through Cagliari with a attack that hasn’t been seen in quite a few seasons. On the other side of the coin Cagliari will look to shut down Inter’s advances. Cagliari don’t have any real strengths but Inter can exploit the weakness of individual errors if they can separate their player and cause them to make mistakes it could cost Cagliari points. However Cagliari will look to exploit Inter’s weakness of being caught offside if they utilize the offside trap it can detour Inter’s scoring chances making it more difficult to score. But overall this match should be another win for Inter as they look for another three points. In the first half of the match Inter were in firm control of possession of the ball but Cagliari was in control of creating scoring chances however none of them were on target. After the thirtieth minute Inter broke the deadlock as Martinez finds the back of the net making it 1-0 for the visitors. Following the break the same thing continues but with Inter catching up in scoring chances but Cagliari weren’t going down without a fight as they tied the game 1-1. But as this match was heading towards a draw Inter get a chance to take the lead once more as they are gifted a penalty as a result of a bad foul on Cagliari’s part and after the penalty is converted made the score 2-1 and with that Inter were able to hold on to the lead as they secure another three points and making this the second win of the season.



In this match Inter will continue to utilize the 3-5-2 formation and they will stick with the same players from last week. In goal is keeper Handanovic who got his first clean sheet of the season last week against Lecce. On the defense on the left back spot is a defender who has become a key part of Inter’s success is Milan Skriniar. In the middle is Ranocchia and capping them off on the right is key starter D’Ambrosio. On the midfield on the left wing is Asomah who has helped bring a winning mentality to the club after joining the club last season. On the defensive mid is Sensi who scored his first goal with the club last week and is showing signs of becoming a key part of the team. Also on defensive mid is Vecino who has struggled in recent seasons and is hoping to find his rhythm once again. In the center midfield is Brozovic who set up most of Inter’s chances in their last match and on the right wing is Candreva. Up top is Martinez and Lukaku who after a few more matches may be come a key threat in coming weeks. This is a solid lineup but the player who will be an issue for them is Radja who is out for blood as he is facing his former club and who will do anything in his power to stop Inter from grabbing all three points.


After final preparations and predictions were made on a partly sunny day in the heart of Cagliari this match was about to get underway. In the first minute Cagliari looked to strike first as of all people Radja following a pass from Rog sets up his first chance of the match with a shot from outside the box but it goes over the crossbar. It wouldn’t be until fifteen minutes later when Inter get their first chance of the match as Martinez from outside the box takes an attempt but gets saved in the center of the goal. Minutes later on the counter attack Cagliari Nahitan from a difficult spot gets his shot blocked after a pass from Cerri. So far Inter are doing a solid job controlling the ball in Cagliari’s half. However attacking wise Cagliari are getting past Inter’s defense and need to tighten this area up. After the twenty five minute mark Martinez after a corner takes a header which lands in the lower left corner of the goal. But the referee called it a no goal which sent this up to VAR which confirmed it has a goal which made things 1-0 to Inter. Minutes later Inter were looking to make it 2-0 with a shot from Martinez but it gets blocked. Minutes later Cagliari Pedro from the center of the box takes a header which goes to the right of the goal so far despite creating chances Cagliari’s issue is none of them are on target. With five minutes in left in the half Radja gets a shot from outside the box blocked but a minute later team mate Cerri from the center of the box takes a shot but the ball misses to the right. Cagliari aren’t showing signs of slowing down as they are hungry for points. With that the half ends with Inter up 1-0 if they can maintain their defense and continue to finish chances this match is in the bag.


Following halftime pep talks and adjustment making this match resumes. Just like the first half Radja looked to make a statement with a shot from outside the box but gets blocked. But minutes later following a cross from Nahitan Pedro takes a header which lands in the lower right corner makes things all square once again as the score becomes 1-1. Two minutes later Cagliari look to get their first lead of the match as Rog from outside the box hits the ball with the right foot but Handanovic saves it in the center of the goal. After the fifty fifth minute Sensi gets a shot saved in the center of the goal after a shot from the center of the box. In the seventieth minute Inter make their first subbing as Barella comes on for Vecino. Minutes later Pisacane gets a yellow card for a bad foul on Sensi which gifted Inter a penalty kick which is converted by Lukaku as he lands the ball in the lower right corner making things 2-1. After the goal this is followed by racist chants towards Lukaku which is silenced by Milan Skriniar standing up for him. With twelve minutes to go Inter make their next subbing as both Politano and Godin come on for Martinez and Candreva. Lukaku with seven minutes to go took a shot from the center of the box but misses to the right of the goal. Asaomah looked to give Inter another goal but his attempt gets blocked. In stoppage time Inter had one final oppurtunity to score as Politano takes a shot from the left of the box gets saved in the center of the goal with that the match ends with Inter winning the match and bringing home another three points.


This match was a hard fought win for Inter as it took a penalty to secure them the three points. Cagliari’s defense did a solid job keeping Inter at bay. But however Inter were the strongest at the possession and finishing their scoring chances. This result was to be expected however but it wasn’t easy by any means but it was a win nonetheless as Inter will take points where they can get them. The man of the match goes to Lukaku for converting the match winning goal along with creating several chances. He also gets man of the match for staying calm under the pressure of the racist chants and maintaining his composure. After the first international break of the season Inter will take on Udinese who they drew against in their last match this match should be another win for them but anything is possible as always until the next one Forza Inter.

By the numbers

Inter Milan

Possession 59%
Shots 9
On target 5
Passes 596
Pass success 87%


Possession 41%
Shots 8
On target 2
Passes 395
Pass success 82%

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