Inter vs Cagliari Talk Points #177


Following their win against Lecce last week Inter traveled and took on Cagliari who were coming off a loss. In this match Inter were looking for their second win while Cagliari were looking to get their first points of the campaign. Radja was also out for blood as he was facing his former club and nothing would be sweeter for him to get some revenge. In the first half the game was pretty much split Cagliari took hold of the creating the chances while Inter took the advantage of the possession. Inter however were the first to break the stalemate as Martinez lands the ball in the back of the net making the score 1-0. In the second half Pedro scored making things all square. As the match seemed to be heading towards a draw Sensi got fouled gifting Inter a penalty which is converted by Lukaku making it 2-1 Inter would hold on for the win making this Inter’s second win of the season.

Cagliari defense


Caglairi defense in this match was amazing. They did a solid job blocking Inter’s chances blocking them and saving the ball in the goal. Pedro really led the charge in this area along with Rog. They were the main players who did all that. Their defense also did a great job setting up their sides counter attacks. Their defense is a side you don’t want to fall asleep on as they are good at catching their opponents off guard.

Inter’s Attack



Inter despite creating scoring chances later in the match they did a great job finishing those chances. They finished five out of their chances compared to two for Cagliari’s. Sensi shows to have potential and would be a great investment at the end of the season. Lukaku has helped Inter with ariel duals due to his height. It will be a few more weeks until Martinez and Lukaku really gel together as they came late in the preseason and they need more time to work together but once they sync up they’ll become a force to be reckoned with.



This is a point that I felt that I needed to talk about as a pundit and supporter. Racism has been a thing that has been going on in the sport for quite sometime. Especially in Serie A amongst clubs Ultras. This can be seen from Lazio fans mostly, last seasons remakes from Inter’s ultras towards Napoli player Koulibaly and now this weekend racist chants from Cagliari’s ultra supporters. First shout out to Lukaku for converting the penalty under the circumstances. This is a thing that really needs to be put to and end it’s 2019 for crying out loud. This is something that should’ve ended decades ago. The league really needs to start taking action against this behavior as this is supposed to be a sport where all can come together despite religion, race, economic status same with color. Things like matches behind closed doors, closing down the clubs curva nord and fines need to be handed out because this is unacceptable and needs to stop.

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