Inter vs Udinese talking points #180


Following abck to back wins Inter were looking to make it three in a row as they hosted Udinese. Inter have beaten Udinese in four out of their last six matches. Inter on paper were the stronger side and had the advantage playing at home and having the better record against Udinese. In the first half Inter struggled to get any momentum going as Udinese defensively were all over Inter’s attacks. But in the thirty eighth minute Inter picked up some steam as Candreva drew a foul on DePaul of Udinese which saw DePaul sent off the pitch as Udinese dropped down to ten men. Before the half ended Sensational Sensi sent the ball flying into the back of the net giving Inter the 1-0 lead. Then in the second half after the threat of DePaul was gone Inter were running on all cylinders creating chance after chance after chance but Udinese defense was there with a answer blocking and saving their chances. Inter would hold on and secure another three points as the real challenges arrive in the next few weeks.

The DePaul threat


Depaul before he was sent off was the main reason why Inter struggled to get momentum. DePaul is commonly used in a midfield roll but he mostly plays as a defensive midfielder. DePaul when used in this roll tends to be fast and aggressive which makes him a threat to anyone who faces Udinese. He is strong on tackles and is strong at getting the ball back to his side. However when utilized in a attacking roll he is good at setting up assist for his team along with creating chances of his own which more than likely he is able to capitalize on. Despite being young he is making his presense known in the league and that he isn’t a player who will take things easy. He is a player who will fight tooth and nail to secure his side points. He’s special and as his carrer progresses will become an even bigger threat to all who face him.



Sensi has been speical 


Sensi has become the lead goal scorer so far this season. He has really come to life as apart of this Inter team. He has scored in all three matches sos far this season. When he isn’t scoring goals he is there to backup his team. He is there to set up assist and defensively he is there to take the ball and set up strong counter attacks. He is starting to become a better player and more versatile. The more the season goes on the better he will become.



Inter’s struggle facing mid and lower table clubs


Inter over recent seasons have been struggling when playing against mid table and bottom of the table clubs. They tend to create chances against them but struggle to finish them which is an issue especially when it comes time to face stronger clubs. Because if you have a hard time facing mid table clubs or lower it makes it more difficult when facing top quality opponents. Defensive wise whn it comes to these opponents they tend to let the opposition get to many chances and leave to many open spaces. They need to severely work on these clubs or else isues will occur when the challenges come this week.

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