Pandamonium at the San Siro as Inter fall to reigning champions Juventus. #189

Inter Milan 1 Juventus 2

San Siro
Milan Italy

After their loss in the Champions League against Barcelona San Siro plays host as Inter welcome eight time Scudetto winners Juventus. Juventus have won three out of their last six matches against Inter while the other three results have been draws. This season so far Inter have been on fire and are looking to make this seven wins in a row as they also look to overthrow the reigning champions Juventus. Juventus on the other hand are looking to stop Inter’s streak in it’s tracks. This match will also have some significance to it as well this will be the first time Conte will be seeing Juventus since his time their as manager. In this match Inter will need to finish and capitialize on their chances which in this match will be vital in this match as Juventus will be on the attack. This is where they will need to steal the ball along with blocking as many of Juventus’s chances as possible. Inter will also need to work on not being caught offside as well. Inter can also detur Juventus in a few ways the first is by drawing them into individual errors as this is a area they’ve been struggling with as of late. Also they can draw fouls inside the box to throw Juventus off guard. The one lat thing they can do is keep their momentum up by winning the ball in the air as Juventus have also been having issues in that area as well. The edge goes to Juventus but Inter have the fight and determination and a draw would be the best case scenerio in this matchup. In the first half only minutes in Juventus broke the deadlock as Dybala sneaks past Skriniar putting up 1-0. Minutes later Inter were given a penalty which is converted by Martinez which made things even once again. Both sides continued created chances and defending those chances as well. In the second half both sides continued what they did in the first half with chances but Juventus were on fire as Higuan lands the ball into the back of the net which would be the only goal they needed to give them all three points. This breaks Inter’s winning streak and put Juventus back on top of the table.

In this match Inter continue to utilize the 3-5-2 formation. In goal is as usual Handanovic who still proves why he’s the best captain this club as had in awhile. He is good at giving directions along with making sure Inter are keeping the locker room drama free. On the back three is the pairing of Skriniar and Devrij and capping them off on the right is Godin who has a beef with Ronaldo back in their time in La Liga and Godin would love nothing more than to shut down Juventus’s attack. On the midfield playing more of a defensive roll in this area is Sensi who continues to shine week after week. Along with him trying to show his worth is Barella. On the far left is Asomah in the middle is Brozovic who will also play a defensive roll but he’ll mostly play on the att ack. Then on the right replacing Candreva is D’Ambrosio. Up top is the duo of Martinez and Lukaku. This is a solid lineup but they need to beware of Ronaldo and Bernardeshi who will look to put goals past Inter if they isolate them they can pull off a draw.

After final preparations and final bets this match gets underway. Four short minutes in this match had it’s first goal as Dybala takes a shot from the left of the box sneaking past Skriniar and fires the ball off Handanovic tries to save it; but the pace of the ball was to great it brushed off his fingers as it goes into the net putting Juventus up 1-0. Ronaldo minutes later on a counter attack takes a shot from the left of the box but gets blocked. A minute later Lukaku takes a shot from the center of the box which gets blocked. Almost 20 minutes in De Ligt gets a hand ball which gave Inter a penalty kick which is converted by Martinez which makes things even once again. So far this is a back and forth match with both sides creating chances along with both side defending well. Bonnuci takes an attempt from outside the box but the ball goes to the left of the goal. Martinez then takes back to back shots but one of the shots gets saved in the top left corner of the goal while the other chance gets blocked. Inter in the thirty fourth minute are forced to make their first subbin of the match as Sensi suffered an injury which Conte brings on Vecino. Pjanic in the final minute of the half looked to give Juventus the lead once more with a shot from outside the box but it gets blocked with that the half ends with things even at the San Siro as both sides continue their hunt for all three points.

Following half time pep talks and any adjustment making this match resumes action. Dybala just like the first half looked to give Juventus life with a shot from the left of the box but the ball goes to the right of the goal. Bernardeshi a few minutes later takes a shot from outside the box which is saved in the lower left corner. Inter a few minutes later make their next subbing as Bastoni comes on for Godin. Juventus this half are on fire getting shots off. Dybala takes back to back chances the first is saved in the center of the goal while the other shot goes over the crossbar. Close to the seventy minute mark Dybala yet again steps up with a shot from outside the box but the attempt gets blocked. Ronaldo shortly after from the left of the box takes a shot but gets saved in the lower left corner. Vecino looks to give Inter the lead with a shot but the ball goes over the crossbar to the right hand side. Martinez a few minutes later takes a shot from outside the box but his shot gets blocked. With twelve minutes to go in the match Inter make their final substitution as Politano comes on for Martinez. With ten minutes to go Higuain from the center of the box lands the ball in the center of the goal this puts Juventus back in the lead. With five minutes to go Vecino would give Inter one last chance to secure a point with a shot from the center of the box but it gets saved in the center of the goal with that the match ends as Juventus take all three points and jumps Inter in the standings.

This result was expected as Juventus are a strong side. They had a strong start and kept that momentum creating tons of chances. Inter just had a hard time keeping up with their pace. Inter also had a hard time creating chances of their own and the chances they did take they failed to capitialize on those attempts. Also Inter’s bench looked weak compared to the powerhouses Juventus and Conte made some bad substitution moves he should’ve kept Martinez on and the injury of Sensi killed them as Sensi is a solid player. The man of the match goes to Dybala as he did a great job scoring the opening goal and took many chances throughout the match. After the international break Inter take on another nemisis as they take on Sassuolo who they continue to struggle to beat. As always until the next one Forza Inter.

By the numbers

Inter Milan

Possession 51%
Shots 10
On target 3
Passes 481
Pass success 83%


Possession 49%
Shots 18
On target 6
Passes 466
Pass success 86%

Top of the table

Juventus 6-1-0 19pts
Inter Milan 6-0-1 18pts
Atalanta 5-1-1 16pts
Napoli 4-1-2 13pts
Roma 3-3-1 12pts

Bottom of the table

Brescia 2-0-4 6pts
SPAL 2-0-5 6pts
Lecce 2-0-5 6pts
Genoa 1-2-4 5pts
Sampdoria 1-0-6 3pts

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