Inter vs Parma match day preveiw #192

After their shocking win against Sassuolo Inter take on eighth place Parma. Parma themselves are coming of a win themselves. Last season was the first time these two sides faced each other after Parma got promoted. They would half the season with a win a piece. Inter so far have been on fire ever since Conte took over as manager as they continue to be on the heels of Juventus who are looking for their ninth straight title which is one thing everyone doesn’t want. Parma on the other hand are looking to secure a spot in the Europa League if they keep their winning ways. This match is a must win for Inter if they have any hopes of overthrowing Juventus.

Inter Milan

Inter have one of the best defenses this season. The combination of Skriniar, Devrij, and Godin as become a force to be reckoned with. They did a great job against Juventus when they played them a few weeks back despite the loss. Teams now have been having a hard time against them as they’re doing well at blocking chances, stealing the ball from them and making sure to control the match in their opponents half. On the midfield they’ve even stepped up especially on loan from Sassuolo Sensi who as added so much depth in ways of helping defensively and creating/finishing chances. Brozovic as of late as found his rythem again. Candreva who still needs work is showing signs of life once more. Barella is slowly improving but still has a long way to go before he can be a force not to be messed with. On the attack Martinez and Lukaku have been straight up fire scoring two goals each in their match against Sassuolo they gel well together up front and are giving clubs a run for their money. Out on injury are Alexis Sanchez, Sensi, D’Ambrosio and Vecino. The key threat will be Inter’s attack as they’re strong at creating and finishing chances and capitializing on them as well. With the speed and agility of Martinez along with the physicality of Lukaku it’ll be a issue if Parma don’t keep these two in check.


Out on the injury list for Parma are the following players Cornelius, Lurini, Grassi and Inglese. Defensive wise Parma have improved since last season becoming stronger in way of chance blocking and stealing the ball the players who are solid in this area Darmian and their best defender Pezzella. Midfield wise Scozzarella, Hernani and Sprocati are solid in creating and finishing chances. Some of these players are also strong on counter attack situations. Forward wise they got great chance capitializing Gervinho another player that is slowly showing signs of becoming a threat and a player who will give Inter issues is Karamoh who knows Inter very well as he is on loan to them. Siligardi is going to be the key threat as he is strong inside the box and if not contained he will cause Inter problems.

The bottom line

In this match Inter will need to stick with the usual culprites finishing chances, blocking Parmas chances along with controlling the match in their half of the pitch. Inter will need to make sure Karamoh doesn’t become an issue as he is very knowledgeable when it comes to knowing Inter. Parma however due to their copiuos amount of injuries they will have a harder time trying to create and finish chances defensively blocking and keeping Inter from getting breathing room. The advantage in this match is clear this should be an easy win for Inter has they have a stronger squad and a decent bench while Parma have lost too many decent players and have a thin bench which will be the huge issue come the second half of the match when substitutions become critical to keep players fresh. But overall Inter should come away with another three points in the bag.

Inter projected 3-5-2

Gk Handanovic
Def Skriniar, Devrij, Godin
Mid Asaomah, Barella, Brozovic, Gagliardini, Candreva
Attack Lukaku and Martinez

Parma projected 4-3-3

Gk Sepe
Def Alves, Darmian, Pezzella. Dermaku
Mid Hernani, Barilla, Scozzarella
Attack Gervinho, Karamoh, Siligardi

Stadium San Siro
Place Milan Italy
Date October 26th
Time 11am USA 5pm UK 6pm Italy

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