Inter reach stalemate as they drop points to Parma. #193

Inter Milan 2 Parma 2

San Siro
Milan Italy

Following their win against Sassuolo Inter welcome visitors Parma. Parma are coming off a win themselves. These two sides met for the first time last season and both sides would each get a win spliting the season. In this match Inter look for another win and to stay on the heels of Juventus. Parma on the other hand are looking for a spot in the Europa League and a win here would help their cause. But Inter however are in the hunt for the Scudetto. In this match both sides have injuries but to to the thiness of Parmas squad and bench they will have a hard time trying to control the match unlike Inter despite injuries they have squad depth. Inter in this match will need to continue working on capitializing on chances especially those on target as that is the only thing that continues to elude them. Defensive wise they will need to maintain possession of the ball along with blocking Parmas chances. They will also need to control the match in Parmas half of the pitch. This match should be an easy win for Inter as Parma lack players and the intesity to win. In the first half both sides did a phenomonal job creating and finishing chances. Early on Candreva found the back of the net giving Inter the 1-0 lead. But Parma weren’t going to go down easily both Karamoh and Gervinho would score which would put Parma in the lead at the half. Both sides in the second half continued their momentum in creating chances and defending the ball just as this match looked like it was heading towards a Parma victory Lukaku finds the back of the net making things all sqaure once more as both sides would get a point each. This keeps Inter on the neck of Juventus as the title race continues.

Inter this week stick with the 3-5-2 formation but there are several player changes along with position. In goal is key starter Handanovic. On the defense on the left back is Bastoni who is now getting his third start of the season. In the center moving from the right is Godin who is proving to be a valuable asset to the defense. On the right is Skriniar who as stated says he doesn’t want to leave the club. On the midfield on the right is Biraghi taking over for Asomah who needs the rest. On the defensive aspect of this midfield is Barella and Gagliardini. In the center is Brozovic and on the right is a player who has found new life is Candreva. Up Http is the dynamic duo of Martinez and Lukaku who scored two goals each in their match against Sassuolo. This is a solid lineup but they need to be careful when it comes to Karamoh and Gervinho who is a absolute beast on the pitch.

Following final bets and preparations the lineups are announced and this match gets underway. Eight minutes in Karamoh looked to give Parma a solid start with a shot from the center of the box but his attempt goes to the left of the goal. After the ten minute mark Gagliardini gave Inter their first shot of the match with a shot from the A few minutes later Martinez takes an attempt from outside the box but his shot gets blocked. Juraj misses a shot from outside the box. Candreva in the twenty third minute takes a shot from the center of the box as the ball lands in the center of the goal making things 1-0 to the home side. Three minutes later however things are brought back on even terms as Karmoh lands a shot from outside the box to the upper left corner. Following a fast counter attack Karamoh passes the ball to Gervinho who kicks the ball from the center of the box as the ball lands in the lower left corner. This gives Parma their first lead of the match. With two minutes in the half Martinez looked to help Inter get back on level terms with a header which goes to the right of the goal. With that the half ends with the visitors Parma on top.

Following the break this match resumes with Inter looking to get back on even terms while Parma are looking for a win. In the second minute of the half Gagliardini and Broszovic take back to back chances from the center of the box but both of their chances are blocked. A few minutes later Lukaku took a shot which lands in the center of the goal. But the goal seemed to be offside so there was a long review on the Var which the goal stood but in my opinion it was offside. After the sixtieth minute Gervinho looked to give Parma the lead once more with a shot from the center of the box but Handanovic saves it in the lower left corner. Gagliardini took back to back chances but both shots missed the goal. In the sixty fifth minute Devrij comes on for Godin. Karamoh several minutes later takes a shot from outside the box is saved in the lower right corner of the goal. Espositio would come on for Martinez. Lukaku takes a shot from outside the box but is saved in the lower right corner. With six minutes to go Politano comes on for Gagliardini. In the final minute Esposito misses a header from the center of the box as this match ends in a draw this keeps Inter hot on Juventus tail as they sit one point behind them.

This result should have been a win for Inter but a point is better than nothing at all. Inter did a great job creating and finishing chances along with getting them on target. Defensive wise they did a decent job blocking chance and stealing the ball. Despite the two goals from Parma they did a overall great job in all aspects of the match. Parma also did a great job as well even having the lead for some of the match. Juventus drew in their match which keeps each team one point behind each other. The man of the match is Lukaku who created most of the clubs chances and helped secure Inter a point. In their next match take on Brescia which will be an awesome match as always Forza Inter.

By the numbers

Inter Milan

Possession 67%
Shots 29
On target 6
Passes 522
Pass success 85%


Possession 33%
Shots 12
On target 5
Passes 271
Pass success 71%

Top of the table

Juventus 7-2-0 23pts
Inter Milan 7-1-1 22pts
Atalanta 5-2-1 17pts
Napoli 5-1-2 16pts
Cagliari 4-2-2 14pts

Bottom of the table

Lecce 2-2-5 8pts
Genoa 2-2-5 8pts
Brescis 2-1-5 7pts
SPAL 2-0-6 6pts
Sampdoria 1-1-6 4pts

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