Inter vs Brescia match day preveiw #194

Following their draw against Parma Inter take on eighteenth place Brescia. Brescia on the other hand are coming off a 3-1 loss to Genoa. The last time these two sides faced each other was back in the 2010-11 season where they each get a 1-1 draw in both their matches. But most of their matches against each other ended in a draw with Inter getting two wins. In this match is a must win if they have any hopes of over taking Juventus as eveyone and their uncle DO NOT want to see them raise a ninth title above their heads. Brescia however are looking to gain some winning momentum to dig themselves out of the relegation zone. This what you can expect when these two sides face off in eight years.

Inter Milan

Inter have so far been a solid side even getting stronger at coming back from losing positions. Defensively with the addition of Bastoni is a good thing as he is able to be swapped out and to keep players fresh. Skriniar and Godin are proving why this defense is one of the top defenses in the league. Devrij is still doing great job as well. These players are doing a great job blocking chances and do a solid job on the counter attacks. Bastoni however still has a long way to go in this area. On the midfield Biraghi is doing good at helping getting the ball down the pitch on counter attacks. Barella is finally showing his potential as he is good at assisting and creating chances. Gagliardini, Brozovic, and Candreva are finally back in their groove finishing scoring chances and capitializing on them Conte has done a great job getting this team back into form. Up top Martinez and Lukaku are beast on the pitch being the clubs top goal scorers this season. The key threat will be the duo of Martinez and Lukaku. On the injured list for the club are Vecino, D’Ambrosio, Sensi and Alexis Sanchez.


On their defense they have a few solid goal chance blockers and ball stealers. They are Curcio and Sabelli. Injured on the defensive side of things are Magnani and Martella with a thigh issue. The players mentioned are crucial in the clubs defense. On the midfield one of their best goal chance creators is Romulo who has one goal this season along with two assist. Another key midfielder is Viviani. But the place where this club really shine is with their forward players. Such as Donnarumma, Matri and the player who will be the key threat in this match is Balotelli who is good at creating and assiting chances. A few other players on injury for the club are Torregrossa and Dessena who is another good player when he’s healthy.

The bottom line

In this match Inter will more than likely stick with the 3-5-2 formation while Brescia will look to use a 4-3-3 formation to have the extra defender in the back to thwart Inter’s strong attack. Inter however in this match will look to continue their dominance in possession style football and controlling the ball in Brescia’s half of the pitch. Another area where they will shine is in the air as they’re getting at winning the ball in the air. They will also need to keep Balotelli isolated. They will also need to make sure they do the usual finishing chances which over the past few seasons have gotten better doing the only thing they need to work on now is to capitialize on those finished chances. Defensively they will need to make sure to keep Brescia chances limited and to steal the ball when they do have it. This match should be a win for Inter but anything can happen.

Inter projected 3-5-2

Gk Handanovic
Def Devrij, Skriniar, Godin
Midfield Asaomah, Barella, Brozovic, Gagliardini, Candreva
Attack Martinez and Lukaku

Brescia projected 4-3-3

Gk Alfonso
Def Chancellor, Cistana, Sabelli, Semprini
Mid Bisoli, Romulo, Tonali
Attack Matri, Donnarumma and Balotelli

Stadium Mario Rigamonti
Place Brescia Italy
Date October 29th
Time 3pm USA 9pm uk 10pm Italy

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