Inter vs Fiorentina match day preveiw #207

After being knocked out of the Champions League at the hand of Barcelona Inter take on Fiorentina. Inter currently sit top of the table while Fiorentina sit in thirteenth. Overall in their past six matches Inter have won three out of their last six matches. In this match Fiorentina look to move up in the league table while Inter on the other hand are looking to maintain their position at the top of the leader board. Here is how these two sides stack up in this Sunday night matchup.

The player breakdown

Out on the injury list for Inter are Sanchez, Sensi, Barella and Candreva and Gagliardini while for Fiorentina out on injury are Pezzella, Rasmussen, Dabo, Ribery, Boateng. Inter have some really solid defenders in Skriniar and Devrij they will give the forwards such as Cheisa issues but however if he manages to start creating chances it is hard to stop him especially inside the box where he’s been very dangerous as of recent seasons. Also Inter will have a few midfielders to keep their eye on as well such as Benassi, Pulgar, Cristoforo who are good at making chances of their own but due to their fluidity at times are good at setting up their forwards chances. The loss of Ribery in the midfield may give Fiorentina issues as he is one of their best quality midfielders. Fiorentina’s defenders such as Dalbert, Milenkovic, Terzic will have their work cut out for them. This is due to the killer threat of Lukaku and Martinez who have been a force to be reckoned with this season because of the speed of Martinez he is good at moving the ball quickly especially on counter attack situations and creating chances. Despite the build of Lukaku he is also fast but he is also good in areial duals due to his height which as worked to Inter’s advantage as that was a area that gave them issues in the past. Midfield wise they only have one key threat which will be Brozovic despite him being worn out is still good at creating and assisting chances.

The bottom line

In this match Inter will need to capitialize on their chances as this as been an area they’ve been struggling in as of late. They will also need to work on the offside issue as they lose valuable chances that way. Defensive wise they will need to make sure to prevent their opponents from getting the chance to score. Fiorentina will need to work on some of the same things but it will be more difficult as Inter despite having a ton of injuries are still a strong side this match will be tight but Inter should get the slight win here.

Inter projected 3-5-2

Gk Handanovic
Def Skriniar, Devrij, Godin
Mid Asomah, Lazaro, Brozovic, Vecino, Biraghi
Attack Martinez and Lukaku

Fiorentina projected 4-3-3

Gk Cerofolini
Def Pezella, Dalbert, Terzic, Venuti
mid Benassi, Cristafaro, Pulgar
Attack Scottil, Cheisa, Thereau

Date December 15th
Time 1:45pm USA 7:45pm UK 8:45 Italy
Stadium Artemio
Place Firenze Italy

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