Inter fall short at the death as Fiorentina come from behind to secure a point. #208

Inter Milan 1 Fiorentina’s 1

Artemio Franchi
Firenze Italy

After being knocked out of the Champions League at the hand of Barcelona Inter take on Fiorentina. Inter currently sit top of the table while Fiorentina sit in thirteenth. Overall in their past six matches Inter have won three out of their last six matches. In this match Fiorentina look to move up in the league table while Inter on the other hand are looking to maintain their position at the top of the leader board. Here is how these two sides stack up in this Sunday night matchup. In this match Inter will need to capitialize on their chances as this as been an area they’ve been struggling in as of late. They will also need to work on the offside issue as they lose valuable chances that way. Defensive wise they will need to make sure to prevent their opponents from getting the chance to score. Fiorentina will need to work on some of the same things but it will be more difficult as Inter despite having a ton of injuries are still a strong side this match will be tight but Inter should get the slight win here. In the first half of the match things started off slow for both sides but Inter would change that as Martinez finds the back of the net making things 1-0 to the visitors. Both sides would continue to create chances as Inter take the lead into the half. In the second half both sides continued creating chances. Things looked to be heading towards an Inter win but in stoppage time Fiorentina find the back of the net themselves. With that the match ended in a 1-1 draw as Inter now become even on points with Juventus.

In this match Inter stick with the 3-5-2 formation. In goal is Handanovic who as been the backbone of the club since taking over as captain last year. On the defense their would be a player change as Bastoni takes over on left center back. Next to him is the pairing of center back and right center back of Devrij and Skriniar who are apart of the key success to the club this far. On the midfield side of things on left wing back is Biraghi who in my opinion is a great player but he needs more playing time to further build and devolop his skills to be a threat in the next few seasons. On the central midfield you have the trio of Valero, Brozovic, and Vecino. These players are the only options the club has at the moment as the midfield is plagued with injuries and it’s the best they can do for now. Hopefully they get some of the players back in the next few weeks as the team desperatly needs them. On the right wing back spot is D’Ambrosio. Up on the attack is the killer duo of Martinez and Lukaku. Lukaku at the moment looks tired and could use rest once Sanchez gets back that will happen. This lineup is not the best but it’s the best they have until players return from injury.

After lineups are announced and final stretches and warm ups this match commences. Things started off slow in the opening few minutes until Brozovic passes the ball to Valero who connects with the ball on the left of the box which he then buries it into the lower left corner of the goal making things 1-0. With this makes Valero the oldest midfielder to score in quite sometime. A few minutes later Dalbert former Inter player looked to get the match back on even terms as he takes a shot from oustide the box but Handanovic saves the attempt in the center of the goal. Martinez takes a shot from the center of the box but gets saved in the center of the goal. Fiorentina followed up with a shot of their own as Milan takes a shot from outside the box but gets saved in the upper right corner. This match is finally picking up steam as both sides are creating chances and defending the ball very well. Milan in the sixteenth minute misses a shot from outside the box as the ball goes over the crossbar. Chance wise Fiorentina are doing the better job. Milenkovic takes a shot after a pass from Boateng from outside the box but it gets blocked. In the thirty first minute Fiorentina took back to back chances the first as Martin misses the goal while seconds later on the rebound as Boateng gets his chance blocked. Fiorentina are out classing Inter both offensive and defensively. Martinez with six minute finds the back of the net but it would be overturned as he was caught offside. With that the half ends with Inter up 1-0 at the half.

Following the break this match resumes. Pulgar a few minutes into the half after a pass from Castrovilli he takes a shot from outside the box but the ball goes to the left of the goal. Boateng a few minutes later following a cross from Dalbert takes a header but the ball goes over the crossbar. Lukaku after the sixty minute mark takes a shot from outside the box but it gets saved in the lower left corner of the goal. Fiorentina seem to be keeping up their pressure on Inter keeping their chances limited. Castrovilli a few minutes later looks to get things back on even terms with a attempt from outside the box but gets saved in the lower left corner. This is followed by an cross set up to Boateng who takes a header but the ball goes past the uper left ninteies. With six minutes to go in the match Inter make their first two substitutions of the match as Politano comes on for Martinez and Agoume comes on for Valero. Then a few short minutes later Bastoni suffers an injury which brings on Godin. In stoppage time Dusan lands a shot from the left of the box to the upper right corner making things 1-1 and with that the match ends with both sides getting a point.

This result could’ve easily been a loss. Inter were lucky to get a point out of this match as it was an overall disappointment. They were outclassed at every turn. Offensively they had a hard time creating chances which for Inter as usually been a none issue but the defense of Fiorentina is strong as any chance Inter did create didn’t get anywhere despite the goal early in the first half. Defensively they struggled to keep Fiorentina from creating chances. But despite their lack of depth due to injuries it was a decent overall. The man of the match goes to Devrij who did a great job defending where he could and helping assisting chances where needed. Next weeks match will be the final match until January as Inter take on Genoa before the break this match should be a win but with the ever increasing ammount of injuries it’s easier said than done. As always until the next one Forza Inter.

By the numbers

Inter Milan

Possession 48%
Shots 6
On target 5
Passes 443
Pass rating 81%


Possession 52%
Shots 13
On target 5
Passes 458
Pass rating 83%

Top of the table

Inter Milan 12-3-1 39pts
Juventus 12-3-1 39pts
Lazio 11-3-2 36pts
Roma 9-5-2 32pts
Cagliari 8-5-3 29pts

Bottom of the table

Sampdoria 4-3-9 15pts
Udinese 4-3-9 15pts
Brescia 4-1-10 13pts
Genoa 2-5-9 11pts
SPAL 2-3-11 9pts

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