Inter steamroll over Genoa as hunt for Scudetto continues. #210

Inter Milan 4 Genoa 0

San Siro
Milan Italy

This week Inter will be taking on relegation threatened Genoa before the season goes on winter break. Overall Inter have won four out of their last six matches against Genoa. Genoa on the other hand only have two wins. This match is a must win for each side each with their own reason. Genoa will be looking to dig themselves out of the relegation zone as they’ve been struggling this season. This side is normally known to be a mid table side but as of recent seasons have been dropping in the standings which it would suck to see them sent down to Serie B. Inter on the other hand are looking not to drop further points as they now sit behind Juventus after their win on Wenesday. Here is what you can expect when these two sides face off. This match will be tough for both sides as they have a limited squad to work with. Inter will more than likely have a hard time creating chances especially without Martinez and a thin midfield. This is one thing Genoa can take advantage of. This means Inter’s defense will need to be on guard as Genoa will look to create chances of their own which will give Inter issues. This match will more than likely be a draw but win wise Inter might pull it off if they create chances and don’t make costly mistakes. In the first half of the match both sides created chances but Inter would get firm control in this area. Defense wise they were doing a solid job blocking each others chances. Inter however after the thirty minute mark had two amazing goals scored from Lukaku and Gagliardini. Inter took the lead at the half. In the second half Inter picked up their intesity up a notch creating even more chances and scoring two more goals coming from Esposito and Lukaku these two goals cemented their win as Inter bring home all three points a gift for fans just before Christmas.

In this match Inter stick with the 3-5-2 formation. In goal is the captain Handanovic. On the back three center backs are on the right is Bastoni who is a valuable asset to the squad as he continues to grow and devolop his skills. In the center is Devij and on the right his tag partner Skriniar. It was a smart move to move Skriniar back to the right as he’s a stronger player in this area where when he plays on the left he tends to struggle. On the position of left wing back is Biraghi who is also showing signs of life in way of creating and assisting chances he is also solid defensively as well. On the the midfield is the trio of Gagliardini, Valero and Vecino who are doing the best they can with most of their key starters out with injury. On the right wing back returning from his lower back injruy Candreva. Up top in Lukaku and taking over for Martinez who is on suspension is youngster Espositio. This is a decent lineup but will this lineup pay off who knows.

After final bets and preparations the player take their positions this match is about to get underway. Eight minutes in the first chance of the match takes place as Esposito takes a shot from the left of the box but his attempt gets saved in the lower left corner of the goal. After the ten minute mark Gagliardini following a cross from Candreva lands a header from the center of the box but it gets sved in the lower left corner of the goal. So far Inter seem to be in firm control of creating chances despite having a lower amount of possession. In the twenty third minute Inter get two great scoring chances coming from Gagliardini and Candreva but both of their chances get saved. Inter are showing they’re hungry for all three points. It wouldn’t be until the twenty eighth minute that Genoa get their first chance of the match as Ivan takes a shot from outside the box but it gets blocked. In the thirty first minute the dead lock is broken as Candreva sets up a cross to Lukaku who takes a shot from the center of the box as the ball lands in the lower right corner making things 1-0 to Inter. But a minute later Lukaku passes the ball to Gagliardini who takes the shot from the left side of the box buring the ball in the lower left corner making thing 2-0. In the final minute of the half Inter looked to add to their lead as Birgahi takes a shot from outside the box but his shot gets blocked with that the halftime whistle blows as Inter take a commanding 2-0 lead into the half. If they keep up this momentum this match is theirs.

Following the break this match resumes with Inter in the drivers seat as they take a 2-0 lead with them. Seconds into the half Lukaku takes a header from the center of the box but it gets saved in the center of the goal. A few minutes later Esposito after a pass from Gagliardini takes a shot from the left of the box but it gets blocked. Inter seem to be taking things up a notch as they want to take a win into the break. In the fifty tird minute Genoa get two excellent goal chances from Criscito and Kevin the first chance gets blocked and the other misses the goal on the left hand side. A few minutes later Snabria takes a shot from outside the box but Handanovic saves the shot in the lower left corner. Inter have been doing well on the defense as well as offensive blocking and saving Genoa’s chances.A few minutes later Inter are given a penalty chance after a dangerous foul from Genoa’s Kevin Lukaku was going to take the shot but he wanted to give the chance to the seventeen year old Esposito who converted the shot with ease as the ball landed in the lower left corner making things 3-0 to the home side. This is also the first goal of Esposito carrer. With twenty two minutes to go Criscito gets a shot from outside the box saved in the center of the goal. Inter minutes later put the nail in the coffin as Lukaku buries a shot from the center of the box to the upper left corner of the goal making things 4-0. A minute later Inter make their first subbing of the match as Sensi returns replacing Gagliardini. Sanabria takes a shot from outside the box but the ball goes over the crossbar. Lazaro minutes later comes on for Candreva. Then they made their final subbing minutes later as Dimarco comes on for Biraghi. With three minutes to go Sensi was hungry for a goal as he took a shot from outside the box but it misses slightly to the right of the goal. With that the final whistle blows as Inter take a win with them into the break and are now ahead of Juventus based on goal difference.

This was a much needed win following their draw against Fiorentina last weekend. Also this now puts Inter over Juventus hopefully they can continue this momentum throughout the rest of the season as Inter are the only team competing for the title at the moment and overthrowing Juventus would be huge. Offesnsive wise they did a solid job of creating them and finishing them as well. They did a great job capitializing on some of those chances. Defensive wise they maintanined dominance throughout as they were able to block and save Genoa’s chances that got anywhere near the goal. Genoa on the otherhand had a hard time finishing their chances and defending against Inter’s strong offense. If Inter had their full fit squad this would’ve been a all out blood bath if you will but either way they won the match which is all that matters. The man of the match goes to Lukaku who scored two amazing goals and created many more. He also gets it for showing class and letting Esposito get his first evr goal with the club. He is one of the best signings the club as had in quite sometime. Inter in the new year in their first match back take on Napoli who’ve been struggling all season hopefully Inter get a win in that match. As always until the next one Forza Inter.

Ps: As the year ends I’d like to thank all of my followers for making this possible. Yes I work and post these articles but without the support and encouragement I wouldn’t be where I am today. I love you guys and I’ll see you all again in the New Year. Until then I hope you have a great holiday season and God Bless.

By the numbers

Inter Milan

Possession 49%
Shots 17
On target 9
Passes 481
Pass rating 84%


Possession 51 %
Shots 9
On target 3
Passes 504
Pass rating 84%

Top of the table

Inter Milan 13-3-1 42pts
Juventus 13-3-1 42pts
Lazio 11-3-2 36pts
Roma 10-5-2 35pts
Atalanta 9-4-4 31pts

Bottom of the table

Lecce 3-6-8 15pts
Sampdoria 4-3-10 15pts
Brescia 4-2-11 14pts
SPAL 3-3-11 12pts
Genoa 2-5-10 11pts

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