Inter fall short with point split against Cagliari #216

Inter Milan 1 Cagliari 1

San Siro
Milan Italy

After yet another draw and disappointing result Inter welcome visitors Cagliari. The last time these two sides played each other Inter won the match 4-1 in the Copa Italia. Overall Inter have won five out of there last six matches against them. In this match Inter aim to get back on track and stay in the hunt for the title which lately has been slipping from their grasp after back to back draws. Cagliari on the other hand look to move up in the standings. In this match it’s due or die for Inter. In this match it will be imperative that Inter finish their scoring chances along with capitializing on them. Defensive wise they need to block Cagliari’s chances and make sure they don’t let them get room to score. Inter will need to keep an eye out for one key player and that will be Radja who knows Inter quite well and will cause them issues if they’re not careful. Cagliari will need to do the same things but will need to keep an eye on the duo of Martinez and Lukaku who have been a force this season. This match should go in Inter’s favor as majority of Cagliari’s players are out and they’re the stronger team on paper. But lately Inter has been slacking so things can go either way.

Inter of course stuck with the 3-5-2 formation. In goal is none other than the captain of the helm Samir Handanovic. On the defense are the center backs of Bastoni, De Vrij and Skriniar. These three are work well together but Godin is the stronger player in the back three. They should’ve went with him instead. On the wingbacks on the left is Biraghi who lately seems to be liabilty issue but due to Asomah still out with injury is the only option they have. Then on the right wingback making his Inter debut former Manchester United player Ashley Young. In the central midfield is Sensi, Valero and Barella. To be honest Barella and Sensi should swap sides as Barella is stronger on the left while Sensi is better on the right. The forwards in this match are none other than Martinez and Lukaku. This is a ok lineup but with limited players it’s the best they can do.

In this match Inter settled for a 1-1 draw. Inter scored early in the first half with a goal from Inter’s best player and in the second half with a goal coming from Cagliari’s Radja. This result was kinda expected. This is due to a few key factors. The first is a tired Inter squad where some of the players don’t get much rotation so they’re needing rest. Next Conte lately has been one dimensional like when his main plan fails he has a hard time adapting stratigies based on how the match is going. Last of all Radja was out for blood against his former club and he did just that and got his sweet revenge. The man of the match goes to Martinez who so far is the best player on the squad. He scored the only goal for Inter and providing multiple chances throughout the match and setting up assist when needed. Next week Inter take on Udinese this match is a must win if they want any hopes of winning the Scudetto.

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