Inter vs Juventus match day preveiw #220

After their win against Lodgorets in the Europa League Inter take on Juventus. Juventus won the match against Inter at the start of the season. Also to make a note Inter in this match will be one match behind as their match against Sampdoria was postponed due to a increase in cases of the coronavirus. It is also been made known that this match will be played behind closed doors as a result. This match was to have took place last week but was postponed. In this match Juventus will look to increase their point margin as they hunt for title number nine. Inter in this match they look to gain some ground on points despite still being one match behind. This is a critical match as this may determine if Inter will truly have a shot at the title. This will be a tough match as Juventus despite having hiccups this season are still a strong force. Here is how these twos sides stack up.

The player Breakdown…

So far when it comes to Juventus the key player that Inter will need to keep a eye on is Ronaldo. Ronaldo as been one of the top goal scorers for Juventus. So far he has a total of twenty three goals in the league. Another player that is also a major threat is Dybala who has six goals of his own. These two players will be a huge threat inside and outside the box. Both of them are quick and agile and are good pitch readers knowing where the ball is at all times and getting it where it needs to be to set up goal chances. If Inter defensively don’t keep these two isolated they will more than likely run all over them. Defensive wise Juventus are strong and will look to shut down Inter’s main threat Martinez who is quick and strong inside the box. He is also strong at converting chances and capitializing on them which Juventus don’t want. Lukaku would be in this equation but he isn’t as Lukau despite being good against smaller teams struggles in big matches such as this. On the defense for Inter will need to rely on their two best defenders in Skrinar and Devrij who are good at stealing the ball and blocking opponents chances. Midfield wise both sides have a solid core group who are good at taking scoring chances and assisting one another but the edge goes to Juventus as they have a more cohesive group whereas Inter have to many gaps in this area. For the injury report for Inter out with injury Brozovic, Sensi, Esposito and Gagliardini and for Juventus Costa, Demiral and Khedira.

The bottom line…

Inter in this match will have a tough hill to climb as they go against the powerhouse Juventus. They will need to be quick and efficiant in creating and finishing chances. Meaning if they have a shot they need to take it as Juventus will look to prevent the shot from occuring so getting the ball off quickly will be imperative. Inter will also need to keep an eye on and shut down Ronaldo who despite struggling early this season as made a roaring comeback and will do nything to secure the three points for his side. Defesive wise they will need to make sure to keep the ball away from Juventus because if they get the ball it could be lights out for Inter as they will utilize it to create chances of their own. Inter in this match will more than likely stick with the 3-5-2 formation while Juventus might utilize a 4-3-1-2 approach. This match will probably end up in a Juventus win but Inter if they put their minds to it they could get the three points though it won’t be easy.

Inter projected 3-5-2

Gk Handanovic
Defense Skrinair, Devrij, Godin
Wingbacks Biraghi and D’Ambrosio
Midfield Barella, Vecino, Candreva
Strikers Lukaku and Martinez

Juventus projected 4-3-1-2

Gk Szczesny
Defense Bonnuci, Chiellini, De Ligt, Rugani
Defensive midfield Bentancur, Matuidi, Pjanic
Attacking midfield Bernardeshi
Strikers Ronaldo and Dybala

Stadium Allianz
Place Turin Italy
Date March 8th
Time 2:45pm Usa central time, 7:45pm UK 8:45pm Italy

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