The fall from grace the Mauro Icardi story #221

As everyone knows there are some footballers known for their scandels and bad attitudes in the locker room. This could be said of one of the most prolific strikers of all time and that is Mauro Icardi who during his time at Inter made 188 apperences and scored 111 goals he was breaking records and showing the football world what he was made of on the pitch. But behind the scences their was turmoil and scnadels which leached out into the public and made fans turn their backs on him while others still like the player but not the person himself. This is the story of Icardi’s fall from grace.

Icardi was just a normal footballer who started his senior career at Sampdoria where he made 33 apperences and scored 11 goals. During his time at the club he became close friends with Maxi Lopez who is also from Argentina like Icardi. He currently plays for Crotone down in Serie B. They devoloped a strong bond even Maxi Lopez wife Wanda Nara became close to him as well. Wanda would become Icardi’s agent and this is where things went downhill for the friendship him and Maxi had. Once Wanda became Icardi’s agent a scandel ensued as both of them got close and intimate with each other. Going on vacations together and getting one another lavish gifts. Even Icardi got the name of her kids tattooed on him. But eventually a papparazi got hold of the story and it was leaked to the public which Maxi Lopez saw and he instantly filed for a divorce then after the divorce was settled a few weeks later Icardi and Wanda were married. Due to the ramifications they were ousted from the Sampdoria locker room and Icardi was transferred to Inter Milan. But the scandals and turmoil wouldn’t end at Sampdoria they brought the garbage and drama along with them to Inter. While at Inter during contract extension time they would extort as much money as possible by saying they had plans to go to other clubs unless their demands were met. Then fast forward to last season Icardi rejected Lucaino Spalleti Europa squad call up. Then following the rejection he was stripped of his captain’s armband which was then given to current captain Handanovic. A few days later it was claimed that after the slap Icardi took from the band being taken away he alleged he suffered a knee injury and was out for several weeks. When he came back a proven goal scorer was only good for penalty goals he showed no interest to stay with the club. In the locker room he started drama with Perisic who now plays in Germany on loan. This is some of the scandels that Icardi has caused but he isn’t neccasarily the only one to blame for these fiascos.

Some of the reasons behind aren’t Icardi’s fault some of it stems from his wife and agent Wanda. She is known for her words and distorting things to get what she wants. She’s like a grifter who uses their words, charm and wit to get what they want. With the Perisic thing she is mostly to blame for that situation as she attacked him. The sad thing is she has her husband around her finger and he just goes along with what she does. The last scandel after was them doing an erotic photo shoot which was spread across social media. This was pretty much the last straw and he also since current manager Antonio Conte doesn’t tolerate drama in the locker room he was cut from the Inter squad and sent on loan to Psg. Now the only positive is that he’s florishing in France. There he’s adapted well to their playing style and he has 20 apperences and a total of 12 goals. Him, Mbappe, and Neymar are a force to be reckoned with. However his future is unclear it is unsure after this season if he stays at PSG or will he return to Italy as Juventus as also shown a lot of interest in the 27 year old striker. Also in reagards to Wanda she should do the right thing and step down as his agent as she let’s her emotions get to her and she also doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut which is primarialy why they’re in this mess.

In conclusion sometimes it’s best to not cheat on your husband and becoming their best friends agent. It also pays to keep your fingers and mouth quiet because that definitely keeps people out of trouble. Overall Icardi is doing well in France but who knows what will happen at the end of the season. The question is what will become of Icardi’s future and will he go down as one of the greatest footballers of all time?

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