Continued disappointment as Inter dropped to fourth. #227

Inter Milan 2 Verona 2

Marcantonio Bentegodi

Verona Italy

After their dismal loss against Bologna Inter looked to redeem themselves against eighth place Verona. Verona are also coming off of a loss of their own so both sides are looking for a victory in this matchup. The last time these two sides faced each other was back in November of last year where Inter won the match 2-1 Inter have been struggling recently against even mid table clubs which is concerning as they normally are able to do well against them. So hopefully they’re able to get back into shape as Atalanta sit one point behind and will look to take third place yet again from Inter. Verona will look to however gain points and hope to get into a higher spot in the table. In this match Skriniar is set to return after a three match ban after being red carded in their match against Sassuolo and having too many yellow cards prior to that match. So having him is critical as Bastoni got a red card in the match against Bologna. Also Lukaku will look to get back into form as he is Inter’s top goal scorer and will look to add to his goal count. Barella who was improving will be out due to injury but hopefully the others in the midfield can pick up the slack as they’ve been struggling. On Verona Inter will need to keep their eyes on several players the first is Veloso who is their best midfielder who is good at reading the pitch and getting the ball to where it needs to be and assisting fellow teammates where needed. They will need to keep an eye on their main goal scorer Di Carmine who despite having six goals is also a versatile player who can play various roles depending on where the need is the greatest. This will not be an easy win for Inter but if they can get their heads out of their butts and do what is needed they can win this match but knowing how they’ve been playing recently that’s easier said than done.

Normally I would talk about the goals but we all know who scored and what happened so I’m just going to go into my thoughts. This match was steaming hot garbage. The defense was terrible. Godin is useless and if Bastoni didn’t get red carded he would’ve done a better job even Moses would have been a better option. Without Barella in the midfield besides Candreva he was the only one creating chances and scoring though the one goal deflected off the Verona player and was classified as an own goal. On the attack Sanchez was the only player putting in any effort while Lukaku has been struggling recently. Martinez after being brought on has been throwing matches which is basically showing that he no longer wants to be a player at Inter so at this point the door is wide open and don’t let it hit you in the butt on the way out. This is also on Conte his inability to adapt and rotate players and making substitutions at the wrong time is killing the club. This match was an embarrassment and the man of the match is Candreva the only player who did anything. They take on Torino who are looking to get a win themselves if Inter don’t win this will be a major disappointment.

Top three

Juventus 24-3-4 75pts

Lazio 21-5-5 68pts

Atalanta 20-6-5 66pts

Bottom three

Genoa 6-9-16 27pts

Brescia 5-6-20 21pts

Spal 5-4-22 19pts

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