Inter jump to second as they destroy Torino. #228

Inter Milan 3 Torino 1

San Siro

Milan Italy

After their piss poor performance against Hellas Verona; Inter welcome visitors fifteenth place Torino. Inter in their previous match against them Inter won the match 3-0. Torino on the other hand are coming off a win against Brescia. In this match it is imperative that Inter win this match or they’ll end up finishing in fourth place which is what as been seen the past few seasons and shows no signs of improvement. Torino in this match will look to move up in the table. Overall Inter have the better record when facing Torino but as of recent performances things won’t be so easy. Inter are without their best player Barella who is out with injury again. When he’s not injured he is the best player on the squad. Some players who are game to game are Lukaku which could hurt them if he’s unable to start because this will force a formation change or they’ll need to bring on Esposito who isn’t strong yet but can be a game changer in critical times. This will also put the pressure on Alexis Sanchez who will be the only expierienced striker. The player who is healthy that will do anything is Candreva who was the only goal scorer in the Verona match though the one was classified as an own goal. The one key threat on Torino is their main goal scorer Belotti who has fourteen goals and two assist. He is a quick and agile player he is strong on the counter attacks and getting the ball in the goal. This is also an area where Inter will need to work on is getting stronger on the counter because they’ve been lackluster in this area and it’s costing them valuable points. On the defense they better not start Godin or all else they’re screwed. This should be an easy win but if Inter perform like they have been it’s easier said than done. If they don’t improve soon this will more than likely see Inter finish in fourth place. Since I’m very transparent when it comes to things I made a bet with two other members on a podcast I’m on and if Atalanta finish in third I have to wear a Juventus top so for my sanity they need to win and improve fast or I’m screwed.

This is how Inter should be playing throughout the season. Despite the one goal from Belotti in the first half Inter were dominating the whole match. They did a great job keeping Torino’s chances limited while on the attack they did a great job creating chances of their own. Torino took the lead into the second half but Inter weren’t going to be denied as they put three goals into the back of the net making a comeback. Though with Inter normally once in a losing position tend to find it harder to get back into it but that wasn’t the case here. The whole entire team worked together to make that happen which as of the past few matches only a few players have been actually doing anything. So to see the whole team working as a cohesive unit to get all three points is huge. To be honest it is hard to pick a man of the match this week as the whole team did very well so they all get to share the title this week. Inter in their next match take on relegation side Spal who Inter have beaten multiple times. As always until the next one Forza Inter.

Top of the table

Juventus 24-4-4 76pts

Inter Milan 20-8-4 68pts

Lazio 21-5-6 68pts

Relegation Zone

Lecce 7-6-17 29pts

Brescia 5-6-21 21pts

Spal 5-4-23 19pts

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