Inter thrash Spal as they jump back to second. #229

Inter Milan 4 Spal 0

Paolo Mazza

Ferrara Italy

Following their win against Torino Inter travel to take on relegation side Spal. Spal on the other hand are coming into the match with a three match losing streak. So Inter going into this match have the momentum. This match will be a must win as after this match Inter will travel to the capital and face Roma who have been in good form as of late. So Inter will need all the momentum going into that match or else they’ll have a hard time against them. Spal at this point are fighting to get points but them going down is inevitable as they’re at the bottom. The key threat on Spal is their main goal scorer with twelve goals and one assist is Petagna. He is good at reading the pitch and doing what is ever needed to get the job done. The sad thing is he is the only one carrying the team just like Tonalli does with Brescia. The rest of their squad is lackluster. Inter on the other hand have the far better team especially with the likes of Martinez who scored against Torino. He is slowly getting back into form and Alexis Sanchez is showing progress as well. Candreva as really stepped up lately in creating chances and scoring as well. The only defender who is doing anything is Devrij the others are mediocre. This match regardless should be an easy win but the match ahead after that is the match they should be worried about.

This is how Inter should be playing all along. They are finally thrashing relegation sides which they struggled with recently. But now if they could do this at some points against stronger sides would be amazing. Alexis Sanchez and Candreva have stepped up and has helped get the job done. Pretty much the whole team is really improving which is the momentum they need to go into the match against Roma on Sunday. Inter did a great job defending and setting up counter attacks. Attack wise they set up a bunch of chances and scored four goals. If Inter can get the pieces they need next season they can easily contend for the title. The man of the match goes to Sanchez who as stepped and he should be redeemed at the end of the season he’d be a great additon if Martinezleave the club. Inter as already stated will be facing Roma which will be a challenge but if they can focus they can possibly win the match. As always Forza Inter.

Top of the table

Juventus 24-5-4 77pts

Inter Milan 21-8-4 71pts

Atalanta 21-7-5 70pts

Relegation sides

Lecce 7-8-18 30pts

Brescia 5-6-22 21pts

Spal 5-4-24 19pts

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