Inter Milan season preview #231

Well everyone after what has already been a crazy year the Inter season is fast approaching us. Last season was a roller coaster ride not just for the players but the fans as well. At the start of the season we saw the appointment of Antonio Conte who had success at Chelsea and Juventus. We also saw Lukaku, Sensi, Alexis Sanchez, Barella, and Godin grace the pitch of the San Siro. The first half of the season Inter were doing a great job as for a good chunk of the season they were in a tightly contested race for the Scudetto. But just like the season before that would be short lived. In January they lost several matches which saw them drop down to fourth. This is where they would stay for a while. But in March things were brought to a grinding halt as the Coronavirus stopped life for pretty much the whole planet which stopped all football matches everywhere. It was unsure if the season would resume as League One the French league decided to end their campaign but in June Serie A, La Liga, Epl, and Bundesliga returned to give fans some sense of normalcy. But of course all matches were played without fans and players had to go through routine testing. Inter in the final twelve matches of the season Inter were fighting with Atalanta for second place. With how bad Juventus were performing and slipping if Inter didn’t drop to Parma and won a few matches that should’ve been wins Inter could’ve easily won the Scudetto but they had some of the same issues as seasons before which I’ll get into later in this article. But they finished second. Also Inter had a short break as they were competing in the Europa League where they made it to the finals where they eventually lost against the kings of this tournament Sevilla. Overall this wasn’t bad for them, they got to a final but dropping out of the title race that quick again and had a prime opportunity to regain the title and just let it slip was the only downside. Now to look at what worked and didn’t work this past season.

First to start off with the things that didn’t work well last season. The first thing is Antonio Conte’s inability to adapt to different teams and different situations. This is especially seen in the second half when goals have been critical and he takes off Lukaku or Martinez off in the sixtieth minute for Eriksen who is not one of our strongest players and we lose much needed points. While the strict training regimen is good but there have been several drawbacks from them and the first is the players come match time are exhausted and have no energy to compete. With that as come players getting injured more and seeing some of the top key starters out with injuries for sometimes months which isn’t a good thing. This was seen in Stefano Sensi he was doing well but then he got a slight injury during practice and got worse and ended up severely injured during a match and wasn’t seen again the rest of the season. Also the main area of concern for the team is the defense which has been the main issue for quite some time. There are times where we have one of the best defenses but others it looks like we had no back line to work with. They need to work on being more consistent. Some of the things that have worked is the no drama locker room policy which has kept everyone geling together and working as a cohesive unit. Despite the strict training regimen being bad for the players it has kept them in shape and keeping them in form. Position wise the two areas that have been solid is the attack and midfield who have worked well together.

Here are the players coming in, returning, and leaving the club. First there are a few new additions to the squad worth mentioning. The first is Hakimi who signed on to Inter he scored against Inter in the Champions League sending Inter packing to the Europa League. He plays as a full back but can be utilized in other ways he can be used as a wingback like Ashley Young. So he is a huge signing as he can be used in various areas and he’s still young and will give the club many years of service. He is quick and agile who sees the game perfectly and is good at getting the ball in tight spaces. The next player that has signed with the club is a name familiar to all those who watch Serie A and that is Kolorov who comes to us from Roma. Despite being thirty three years old he is a perfect depth signing which has been Inter’s key issue as of recent seasons. He will come in handy for free kicks because the last free kick the score ever scored from was over two years ago. So that is a plus. A few players who should be signed for the club by Inter’s first match of the season are Parma’s Darmian and Arturo Vidal. These players as stated are good depth signings. Also rejoing the club are Perisic and Radja who will help the club immensely. Godin is going on loan and players who left the club are Berni and Valero. Also Biraghi has been sold as well.

Here’s what to expect this season and my realistic expectations. This first thing to expect is Antonio Conte sticking with the 3-5-2 formation. Expect to see Hakimi utilized as a right back or on either side as a wing back. Also Vidal, Radja, Perisic will be good for as stated earlier for depth so expect them to rotate as starters. Hopefully we can expect butter tactical choices by Conte like adapting to certain situations and not making stupid substitutions when goals are critical. That and Conte needs to figure out a way to play the squad where their key strengths are so that way we get the best out of them. My realistic expectations for the season is Inter win the Scudetto and make it to the round of eight in the Champions League. But we all know that the Champions League will be a stretch as Conte’s system isn’t suited for European competition. But the Scudetto with the team they have has more than enough to win the league. So with that being said this’ll be an awesome season and lets bring home a title. As always Forza Inter and let’s get this party started.

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