Goalmania at the Ciro Vigorito as Inter defeated Benevento. #234

Inter Milan 5 Benevento 2

Ciro Vigorito

Benevento Italy

After a hard fought win against Fiorentina Inter traveled to take on Benevento who won their match. Both sides are looking to add another win to their victory column. The last time Inter took on Benevento was two seasons ago and Inter won the season sweep. This season Benevento looks like a different team than two seasons ago. This side is looking like they have a chance to stay in the top flight next season. They’re more aggressive this season and beat Sampdoria who had the lead. Though they still struggle somewhat defensively. Inter struggled a bit in their match Fiorentina they had some defensive issues but managed to do what was needed on the attack to pull off the win. But once substitutions were made that’s when things picked up for Inter. One of those subs was Vidal and it’s imperative that they start him as he adds aggressiveness to the pitch and gives a new dynamic to their game. This match should be an Inter win but with how Benevento play it could be close.

Inter would start the match red hot as Lukaku in the first minute lands a shot near the goal into the lower left corner giving Inter the 1-0 lead. Both sides would create a multitude of chances but despite defensive issues Inter were in the driver’s seat. In the twenty fifth minute with a pass from Young Gagliardini finds a defensive error in Benevento allowing him to get the ball and land it in the lower left corner making things 2-0 to Inter. Shortly after Gagliardini sets up a perfect chance to Lukaku in the center of the box and he lands the ball in the lower left corner which has been Inter’s corner so far this match makes things 3-0. But Benevento weren’t going to let this match be a shut out. Capari landed a shot from outside the box in the lower left corner after an embarrassing and rookie mistake by vetran keeper Handanovic. This made things 3-1 as Inter maintained the lead. Minutes before the half would end Hakimi gets a fast break and takes a solo chance burying the ball into the lower right corner giving Inter the 4-1 lead at the half. Inter twenty six minutes into the second half after being subbed on Martinez after a cross from Alexis Sanchez lands a shot into the lower right corner of the goal this makes things 5-1. Five minutes later following yet another defensive error on Inter Capari again finds the back of the net from the center of the box into the lower left corner. Inter however would hold on for the 5-2 win.

This win was like the match against Fiorentina sloppy but as always a win is a win. But this comes at a cost while the sloppiness may work against weaker teams this will be a huge issue when it comes to the bigger match especially the ones coming up for Inter. Inter attack wise are doing well despite some of the players being selfless and giving other players a chance which in certain instances has been costly. Sanchez could’ve easily had some goals of his own if he didn’t give the ball away. This is one thing that needs to be worked on going forward is if you have the chance to take it. The more prevalent issue is the defense. They have way too many gaps and the two Benevento goals could have easily been prevented. Especially the error from Handanovic, what the hell was he thinking. Based on these errors it is now time to find and get his replacement. There is a lot of work needing to be done as stated this may work with smaller clubs but against bigger teams will be an issue. The man of the match is again Lukaku who showed yet again why he’s one of the best strikers in the club. He is good at getting the ball into tight spaces and executing assists and scoring chances. Inter in their next match have a real challenge as they take on Lazio. Lazio are a strong and aggressive side and are defensively solid despite matches where they struggle in that aspect. This will be a tough match but an entertaining one at that. As always Forza Inter.

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