Points spared at the Stadio Olimpico as red hot Inter drop points to Lazio #236

Inter Milan 1 Lazio 1

Stadio Olimpico

Rome Italy

Following back to back wins Inter take on Lazio. Lazio on the other hand are coming off a 4-1 loss against Atalanta. That loss for them shows that Atalanta are a force to be reckoned with despite their defensive issues. But back to the match at hand. Last season Inter and Lazio would split the season series with a win a piece. In this match Inter look to add another win to the win column while Lazio will look to get back on winning terms. This match will be the first test for Inter this season as they start a tough road ahead as they will also take on Milan, Genoa and Juventus in their next few matches. In my honest opinion these next few matches will determine if Inter have what it realy takes to be title contenders this campaign. If they start to struggle against bigger clubs it could spell disaster for their title hopes. But they focus on working on several key issues which will be discussed later they should have a better chance of beating these clubs going forward.

In the first half both sides did a phenominal job at creating chances. Defensive wise in the first half both sides were keeping the other side at a stand still as these sides are evenly matched. This match so far would be a back and forth affair as both sides continued to try to find the back of the net. In the thirtieth minute Perisic passes the ball to Martinez on the left of the box finding a tight space between two Lazio players he takes a soft tap as the ball goes between the players into the center of the goal giving Inter the 1-0 lead. They would take that lead into the halftime whistle with them in control. Going into the half with a 1-0 lead is huge and it is showing that Inter have what it takes to compete for the Scudetto. In the second half both sides continued to create chances while Lazio are looking to prevent Inter from finding the back of the net again. In the fifty fifth minute Savic lands a header from the right of the box after a wicked cross from Acerbi landing the ball in the lower right corner. This made things even once more. Both sides the rest of the half tried to take the lead but the match ended with each securing a point each.

This match showed Inter have what it takes to win the title this season but this was however the first tet of many for the Nerrazuri. After the first of many international breaks Inter take on their derby rivals Milan. Inter in this match did a solid job defensively keeping Lazio’s chances limited. While offesive wise they kept right on pace with Lazio’s chances the only diffrence is despite having both 12 shots the whole match Lazio had one extra chance on target but it was still very close. Handanovic despite the one goal which there was no way to stop it looked better but in my opinion it’s time to look for his successor in the January transfer window as he is finally showing his age at times. But overall this was a decent result and hopefully they are able to keep this momentum up all season to hopefully finally dethrone Juventus. As always Forza Inter.

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