Zlatan led the charge as Milan edge Inter in derby showdown. #238

Inter Milan 1 Milan 2

San Siro

Milan Italy

After the first international break of the season Inter took part in another installment of the derby della madonnina. This is one of the most historic derbies in Serie A football. In this match Inter look to keep their undefeated streak while this match for Milan will be their first challenge of the season. Overall over the past ten matches against Milan Inter have been the more successful side. This is one of the most anticipated matches this week. The only other that looks to be a fun one to watch is the Napoli vs Atalanta match. Inter haven’t been the strongest lately but I’ll discuss what is needed to be successful in this match and going forward. Milan on the other hand haven’t faced any real challenges yet this season so it is unsure how they’ll perform.

Thirteen minutes into the match Kolorov fouls Zlatan inside the box granting Milan a penalty which Zlatan would take. Zlatan would kick the ball but Handanovic saved it but it would end up back in play as Zlatan landed the ball inside the center of the goal. This gave Milan the 1-0 lead. Three minutes later Zlatan from the left of the box lands the ball in the center of the goal making things now 2-0 to Milan. This has become a must pick up the pace situation for Inter. With sixteen minutes to go in the first half Inter would halve their deficit as Lukaku landed a shot from the center of the box into the center of the goal making things 2-1. With that the first half would end. In the sixty ninth minute came with controversy as his shot was blocked but the ball also looked offside but was also deemed a potential penalty. In my opinion it was a penalty based on how Donurumma grabbed him after blocking the attempt. But Milan held on for the win and celebrated their first win over Inter since 2015. This shows Inter still have a hard time being cohesive. If they don’t get this situation resolved it’ll be a long season for Inter. Inter will take on Genoa as always until the next one forza inter.

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