Second half momentum lead Inter to a lackluster victory over Genoa. #241

Inter Milan 2 Genoa 0

Luigi Ferraris

Genova Italy

After their draw against Mochengladbach Inter take on relegation threatened Genoa. Genoa will also be coming into this match with a draw themselves against Hellas Verona. The last time these two sides faced each other back in July Inter won the match 3-0. Inter have been the dominant side when these two sides face off. Inter in this match look to get back into the winners circle after their league loss against derby rivals Milan. Genoa on the other hand will look to get some sort of momentum going as they’ve been struggling over the past few seasons.

In the first half of this match things would be uneventful as Inter would have only five chances in the half while none of them were on target. The first half was nothing but complete boredom. The second half however is where things would pick up steam. It wouldn’t be until the sixty third minute when the deadlock would be broken. This would come as Barella who would be offside passed the ball back to onside Lukaku who then takes the attempt from the center of the box landing it in the upper left corner of the goal. With eleven minutes D’Ambrosio following an assist from Ranocchia lands a wicked header from a close distance to the goal landing the ball in the lower right corner. Inter would go on to win the match 2-0. Though this match was sloppy and lackluster a win is still a win. Inter have a lot of work to do to even consider a title race as they still fail in being cohesive. It’s like only several players are working together as a team. That and the midfield continues to be nonexistant which if not fixed will be a huge issue the whole season. The man of the match goes to Lukaku who as been carrying the team. Inter will take on Shaktar in the Champions League which will be a tough one but until then Forza Inter.

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