Red hot Shaktar defense stop Inter in its tracks as match ends in uneventful draw. #242

Inter Milan 2 Shakhtar 2

Metalist Stadium


Following their draw against Monchengladbach Inter in their next installment of the Champions League take on Shaktar. The last time these two sides faced each other was back in the Europa League back in August where Inter won the match 5-0. This was the match that sent them to the finals. Shaktar are coming off a win in their first Champions League match against Real Madrid. This is the rematch Shaktar is looking forward to as they would love to show they’re not the same club they were when they met the last time. Inter on the other hand are looking to get maximum points to hopefully make it out of the group stages this time around. So this match is highly anticipated for both sides. The key player for Inter is the Belgian striker Lukaku who is very physical and is the main goal scorer and will do anything to get Inter the victory. On Shaktar the main main Inter will need to isolate Tete as he is the main organizer of goal chances. But the issue with Inter is the midfield who have allowed way to many gaps and the scoring has been orchestrated by the attack not the midfield which is an issue as Luakau and Martinez are doing all the work. This will be a key issue throughout the season. But in this match this should be a win for Shaktar as they are the more organized side and will have more cohesiveness which will be to their advantage.

We all know how this match played out so there’s no need to dive into what happened. So time to dive into the recap of this lackluster match. This match showed that Shaktar is a real threat in the Champions League this season. Their defense was amazing keeping Inter’s chances blocked. Their keeper was making excellent saves as well. So Shaktar deserved this point. Inter in this match attack wise performed fairly well. The only issue is that Martinez had a sitter and missed it if he took a extra second to get more control of the ball that could’ve had this match won for the Nerazzurri. But defensive wise they did good stopping Shaktar from scoring as well. Midfield wise the only player who was solid was Barella as always the midfield is a key issue. The man of the match goes to Shaktar keeper Trubin he did a top notch job keeping Inter scoreless. Inter in their next match take on Parma in Serie A this will be a close match as both sides are struggling but as always until the next one Forza Inter.

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