Serie A player of the month. 248

So far the start of the 2020/21 Serie A season has been crazy. At this time Ac Milan sit top of the table with seventeen points. They are followed by Sassuolo. These are teams that weren’t supposed to do well off the bat especially Sassuolo who is normally a mid table team. Inter on the other hand have been struggling along with Napoli, Juventus, and Lazio. Now these are sides you’d expect to see as title contenders but they’ve had a hard time getting the momentum going. Inter and Lazio are finding themselves so far out of Europa League competition. But it is still early in the season so there’s still a lot of time for things to turn around. Just a note this is a new article that is being added into my blog arsenal. In this article I’ll be picking a player of the month and talking about why I chose them. But I will also be picking a runner up someone who has been up there in their performances but just didn’t make it into the top spot. Hope you all enjoy this addition.

Runner up: Lukaku

Lukaku who has been a part of Inter Milan for the past two seasons has shown why he was a quality signing. In the beginning he was slacked as being unfit and too far out of form to play. But once he started scoring and getting on a roll he has left his doubters speechless. Lukaku has shown he has what it takes to win matches. His physicality has been one of the things that has helped Inter so far. Since he’s tall he’s been able to win aerial duels which was an issue for the club over the past few seasons. He is so far the main goal scorer along with teammate Martinez. So far Lukaku has scored a total of seven goals across all competitions so far this campaign. Once back from injury he’ll be ready to pick up where he left off as his presence has been missed and could’ve helped Inter get better results in their matches.

Serie A player of the month: Zlatan

Before the whole world got rocked back in January Ac Milan signed Zlatan bringing him back to Serie A. At the beginning this looked like a bad move due to his age as he is now 39 years old. Some of my friends whom I’m on a podcast with discussed this on an episode if you haven’t checked out the podcast Cannons Snakes and the Olimpico go check it out it’s available on Anchor, Google Podcast and Spotify. But we also thought it was to help make revenue. But Zlatan is proving to us age doesn’t matter. He continues to show why he’s a lion he goes out there and hunts down the competition. He has great vision for the game and he’s able to find the net with ease and he’s able to assist others in setting up chances themselves. Overall he’s a great leader as he has that winning mindset. Zlatan so far has eight goals and one assist.

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