Lukaku returns with a bang as he mounted a comeback against Torino. #250

Inter Milan 4 Torino 2

San Siro

Milan Italy

After the second international break of the season Inter welcome visitors Torino. Both of these sides are struggling at the moment. Torino find themselves near the relegation zone while Inter find themselves in seventh out of the Europa League. So both of these teams are looking to get back on winning track. The last time these two faced each other back in July Inter won the match 3-1. Overall Inter have been the better side out of these two sides. This match will be a must win for Inter as after Torino they take Sassuolo who have been the proverbial kryptonite of Inter. They are a side that gives Inter problems. Then after them they got a tough stretch of matches ahead of them so any momentum they get will help them going forward.

Inter in the first half started off slow and it was dismal as they had five chances the whole half with none being on target. They struggled in the back on defense and the midfield was spotty. However Torino in the first half gave Inter the business as they had eight chances three on target which one was capitalized in this came from Zaza who took a shot from the center of the box landing the ball in the lower left corner making things 1-0 to Torino. This ended the half. In the second half things would heat up Young would draw a penalty on Singo this gave Torino a penalty which was converted by Ansaldi. This mad things 2-0 Torino. Inter were looking like they were going to lose this match as they remained lackluster in performance. Alexis Sanchez a few minutes later would give Inter hope after he buried a shot close to the box after an assist from Lukaku making things 2-1. Lukaku would find the back of the net twice, the first came from a shot inside the box making things 2-2 the other was a converted penalty which gave Inter their first lead of the match. Before the match ended Martinez sealed the deal with a shot from the center after another assist from Lukaku making Inter the winners with a 4-2 victory.

This was a lackluster performance from Inter. Defensively they were weak and allowed too many chances get past them. This is where a back four would benefit them as Skriniar and Devrij could play center and is better in a back four. Also Torino manhandled them in the first half keeping them scoreless along with keeping their chances off target. It took Inter until the second half to find the back of the net and this is also what happens when you don’t have a solid midfield either. The only part that did solid was the attack. The man of the match definitely goes to none other than Lukaku. Lukaku had two goals and assist and was the main goal chance taker the whole match and if he was still out with injury in my opinion the result would’ve been totally different. Lukaku in my opinion is the backbone of the club without him the team struggles and bad. Inter in their next match take on a weakened Real Madrid side on Wednesday in the Champions League. Inter need to win these last few group stage matches if they hope to make it out of the group. If the don’t best case scenario is they finish in the Europa League. As always until the next one Forza Inter.

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