Inter top Sassuolo after much improved performance. #252

Inter Milan 3 Sassuolo 0

Mapei Stadium

Reggio Italy

After their loss to Real Madrid Inter take on second place Sassuolo. Sassuolo are coming off a win against Verona last weekend. The last time these two sides faced each other the match ended in a 3-3 draw. Overall Sassuolo have the better record when it comes to facing Inter. So far Sassuolo have been of fire this season as they sit behind Milan by two points. Inter however have been struggling. Inter have pretty much been doing what it takes to squeek on by when it comes to getting their points. They get the points but there performance is awful. Based on their performance against Real Madrid Conte needs to be sacked. Also the players need to be held accountable as well as some look to only be playing for the name on the back of their kit not the badge on the front. That and the two weakest areas are the defense which need to go to a back four as most of the defenders attack more than they defend which is an issue. Also the midfield isn’t creating anything except Barella. If things don’t shape up changes need to be made. In my opinion this match should end in a Sassuolo win as they’re the more organized side.

Inter did a much better job in this match. They were more composed and looked more organized. But this was one solid performance there is still a lot of season left. Inter did a great job attacking and finishing their chances which has been a struggle for awhile. Now if they can become more consistant would be perfect. Midfield wise they did a little better and same with the defense but consistancy will be the key going forward. If they can do that they’ll be off to the races. Time will only tell. The man of the match goes to the whole squad as they all worked collectively which this is the first time this season. Inter will take on Mochengladbach in the Champions League which if they lose it’ll be unlikely they’ll make it into Europa. As always Forza Inter.

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