Inter slay Milan as Scudetto road starts to close. #260

Inter Milan 3 Milan 0

San Siro

Milan Italy

After their win against Lazio on Sunday Inter compete against in what will be a pivitol match up against their rivals Milan. At the start of the season Milan won the first installment. Then in a random occurrence Inter took on Milan in the Coppa Italia where Inter won that match. This match will be a pivotal match as this could set up Inter for winning the title so it will be imperative they win this match. Overall Milan have the better record in the derby della mandonina. Milan on the other hand are coming off a loss against Spezia. Inter will look to maintain momentum while Milan look to get back into the winners circle. If Milan lose here and lose to Roma next week and Inter maintain their momentum they can kiss their title hopes potentially goodbye. In the first half Inter did a great job creating chances and defended the ball perfectly. This is despite the aggressive attack of Milan. Inter would find the back of the net in the first five minutes as Martinez gives Inter the 1-0 lead. Inter would take the 1-0 lead into the halftime break. In the second half Inter would continue their momentum as they continued to hold Milan at bay though Milan were fighting tooth and nail to find the net themselves. But Martinez and Lukaku would seal the deal as Inter won the match 3-0. With this Inter go four points clear at the top as they continue the hunt for their first Scudetto since the treble winning season back in 2010.

In this match Inter would stick with their favorite formation the 3-5-2. In goal is none other than Inter captain Samir Handanovic. Despite struggling he has moments showing his old self. Also he celebrated his 500th appearance with the club. In the back three is the duo of Skrinar and Devij who have been pillars in the defense which in the beginning Skriniar wasn’t performing well in the back three but as since found his voice once again. Capping off the defense on the left is Bastoni. Bastoni struggles defensively but attacking and pushing the ball forward he is amazing. If he gets better defensive wise he will definitely be a threat going forward. On the wing backs are Perisic and Hakimi. Perisic is starting to find his rythem in a wing back position and Hakimi as been world class doing a great job creating chances and assisting same with Perisic. In the central midfield is Barella, Brozovic and Eriksen. These three have been a force to be reckoned with. Barella as been the voice in the midfield as he is the one doing most of the chance creating and he is also proving to be a future leader as well. Eriksen is starting to get more playing time and is doing a great job and scoring in critical times. Up top is the killer duo of Lukaku and Martinez. Lukaku celebrated his 300th career goal and has a total seventeen league goals this season. He is the main goal scorer and his physicality speaks for itself. Martinez has 13 goals and is playing dual rolls he sometimes plays midfield in a way since he creates a lot of chances and he is also a great scorer himself. This is a solid lineup and favors Inter as they have all of their key components whereas Milan is without Bennecer and will be struggling creating chances and with Hernadez their left will be the weakest.

Following final match preparations and final bets being placed this match is about to get under way. In the first four minutes of this match were the teams getting a feel for the tempo that would dictate the pace of this game. There would be one chance in those four minutes as Perisic takes a solo shot from the left of the box but the ball goes just wide on the left hand of the goal. Five minutes the deadlock would be broken as Lukaku sends a stellar cross into the air connecting with the head of Martinez from a close position into the upper center of the goal making things 1-0 to Inter. It wouldn’t be until the fifteen minute mark that Milan would get their first decent chance of the match Zlatan on a counter attack takes the ball and fires it from the center of the box but Handanovic saves it in the lower right corner of the goal. A few minutes later Lukaku and Martinez would take two solid chances but their chances missed the goal. So far this half as been all about Inter as they are performing on all fronts though Milan have had a few solid chances themselves. But Inter so far seem to be the stronger side at the moment. In the twenty fourth minute Brozovic delivers a cross to Lukaku on the right of the box he clips the ball with his foot but his attempt gets blocked. A minute later Eriksen gets a chance blocked after launching the ball from outside the box on a solo run. With nine minutes to go Perisic gets the ball from Lukaku taking a chance from the left of the box but gets saved in the lower left corner. Two minutes later Zlatan looks to put Milan on the board following a header pass from Rebic he takes the attempt from outside the box but gets saved by Handanovic. With that the half ends with Inter in firm control of this match. If they continue theis momentum in the second half of this match this match is theirs.

After half time pep talks and rest the second half commences with Inter having the lead 1-0. In the first few minutes of this half Milan came up with two huge chances as Zlatan gets a cross from Haken as he lands a header from the center of the box Handanovic had some quick thinking as he saves it in the center of the goal. Not even a few seconds later Alexis gives his cross to Zlatan again who takes a header but the amazing Handaovic saves his side once again as he saves it in the center of the goal again. Zlatan would send a picture perfect pass to Haken who takes an attempt from outside the box but Inter’s defense would block what would’ve been a great goal chance. So far in this half Milan have picked up the momentum as they are taking more chances. Despite these chances Inter have done a phenomenal job defensively keeping Milan from finding the back of the net. Perisic in the fifty seventh minute sends a pass to Martinez who lands a shot from the center of the box landing it in the lower left corner making things 2-0. With twenty five minutes to go in the match Zlatan is trying his hardest to get his side on the board as Rebic sets him up as he lands a header from the center of the box but it gets saved by Handanovic in the lower right corner. A minute later Perisic sends a stellar pass to Lukaku in the center of the box he fires it into the lower left corner making things 3-0. In the final minute of the match Meite tries to get Milan on the board for a consolation goal from outside the box but gets saved in the lower right corner. The final whistle blows as Inter came away big with three points and are on track for winning the Scudetto.

This win was massive for Inter especially heading towards the rest of the season. In this match Inter did a great job creating chances especially ones involving those tight spaces which are hard to do as the opposition can easily take the ball away and set up the counter attack. The chance that really stood out in this case is the Perisic to Martinez goal he found the small gap and got it to him from there he found the small area in goal and executed it with finesse. Also to note the top notch defense they were able to block Milan’s advances and if they got anywhere near the goal Handanovic was there to stop them. But however on the flip side of things Milan did a solid job creating chances themselves but were unable to find the back of the net. This result means that though not mathmatically have won the title as they have a easy schedule coming up and should have no issues getting results from them . Also they are in better form while Milan have a slightly tougher few matches and their form is spotty from time to time. The man of the match goes to Handanovic who made some kick ass saves and hasn’t performed this well in a long time. This maybe one of the few killer performances we will ever see from him as his career is slowly coming to an end. Inter in their next match take on Genoa this match they should win this match and continue their momentum.

By the numbers

Inter Milan

Possession 40%

Shots 16

On target 6

Passes 382

Pass rating 82%


Possession 60%

Shots 15

On target 8

Passes 566

Pass rating 89%

Top of the table

Inter 16-5-2 53pts

Milan 15-4-4 49pts

Juventus 13-6-3 45pts

Bottom of the table

Cagliari 3-6-14 15pts

Parma 2-8-13 14pts

Crotone 3-3-17 12pts

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