Inter vs Genoa match day preview #261

After pretty much securing the Scudetto Inter after beating their rivals Milan take on twelvth place Genoa. Going into this match Genoa are coming off a draw against Hellas Verona. Back in October Inter beat Genoa 2-0. Overall in regards to when these two sides face each other Inter have the better record when facing them. Genoa in this match will look to get back into the winners circle as over their past few matches have ended in a draw. But however they have 3 wins in their past five matches. Inter on the other hand will look to maintain their momentum as they are in the hunt to mathmatically secure the Scudetto which will be their first title since the 2010 campaingn where they won the treble. So maintaining their current strong form is now critical. But here is what you can expect when these two sides go to battle.

Inter Milan

In this match Inter will stick to the usual 3-5-2 formation. In goal will be none other than Handanovic who was the key player in stopping Milan from finding the back of the net last week. He may not be the keeper he was back in the day but there are matches that he looks like his former self. On the defense expect to see the duo of Skriniar and Devrij who put on another Http notch performance as they were able to block any chances Milan had so expect them to do the same here. Also these two have really helped Inter get better at counter attacks which has been an issue for awhile. Bastoni despite still struggling in the defensive aspect of the match is slowly getting better though he is more of an attacking style defender. On the wing back positions plan on seeing Perisic and Hakimi these two work well in this area. Hakimi was well adapted in this spot when he joined the club while Perisic struggled at first adapting to a new position but has geled very well. These two do a great job being additional attackers and defenders when needed and they both are able to seemlessly adapt on a need to need basis. In the central midfield will be Eriksen, Brozovic and Barella. These three were amazing in the match against Milan creating chances and setting up counters. Also they were able to defend flawlessly when it was crtical. Up top is the striker duo of Lukaku and Martinez who are a force to be reckoned with especially as they both scored last weekend proving why these two are perfect working together.


In this match expect to see Genoa go with the 4-3-3 formation to allocate an extra defender at the back who can help slow down the attack of Inter. In goal is Perin who has played pretty much all the matches this season and has a total on six clean sheets. He is quick and agile but against some stronger sides it is hard for him to keep up but overall in those matches is capable of making some huge saves. On the defense plan on seeing Cristico, Goldaniga, Zappacosta, Ghiglione. These four players are going to have their work cut out form them as Inter’s attack is strong and they will look to attack the goal frequently which will make it impossible to keep them at bay. The player that’s strongest in this area is Zappacosta who is strong at tackling the ball away from the opposition and setting up counter attack situations. But they will need to be on top of the attack of Inter if they plan on getting any points from them. In the midfield more than likely Cassata, Strootman and Radovanovic. These players are known for setting up the attack. They are able to find those small spaces to get the ball to them and they are able to find the back of the net themselves if the oppurtunity presents itself. On the front three Destro, Pandev and Pjaca are more than likely to start. These three are solid goal scorers especially Pandev and Destro who are some of the clubs main scoers. They have perfect vision of the game and to know where they need to be to excecute those crucial goals.

Inter to do’s

Attack the goal often

Don’t lose momentum

Spread out Genoa’s defense

In this match the first thing that Inter will need to do is attack the goal often. The reason is Genoa will have a hard time keeping up blocking and defending their chances. Also the more they attack the goal the more likely they’ll find the net and which will secure the maximum points. That point will translate into the second point. The next is will not to lose momentum. One of the issues Inter have had in the past is once they lose vision of the goal that’s in front of them it’ll become game over. Since mathmatically they haven’t won the Scudetto yet it is imperative that they not take the foot off the gas. Also they need to to make sure they get this title over the finish line but we still have three months of football left so there’s still along way to go. The last thing is to spread out Genoa’s defense. If they spread them out it allocates gaps for Inter to find room to score. Also it will also force errors on them as well. But the main thing will be to keep their momentum going.

Genoa to do’s

Slow Inter’s attack

Be aggressive

Play the offside trap

The first thing Genoa needs to do is slow the attack of Inter and here’s why. Inter despite having moments where they’re slow tend to move very quickly down the pitch and will look to break away fast mostly on counter attacks. Also they will look to calculate their chances as well which means they’ll be more meticulous which gives them the edge. If Genoa are able to slow them down and force errors it’ll give them a chance to keep their scoring chance limited but based on Inter they will not take this match lightly. Next they need to play aggresively. They will need totake as many chances as possible and not let their guard down as Inter are good at exploiting teams weaknesses and will do the same in this match. The last thing will be to play the offside trap whenever possible as Inter in the past have fallen easily into it costing them valuable chances. So it will be crucial for them to thwart as many of their chances as possible.

Scoreline Inter 2 Genoa 1

In this match I think Inter will score two goals both from Lukaku the Genoa goal comes from Pandev. Genoa despite being the weaker side are also strong in their own right and if they lose they wont go down without a fight. Inter by far are the stronger side and with the Scudetto in front of them they will not want to let it slip from them so they will do what ever is needed to get the result.

Inter projected 3-5-2

Gk Handanovic

Def Bastoni, Skriniar, Devij

Mid Perisic, Ericksen, Brozovic, Barella, Hakimi

Attack Martinez and Lukaku

Genoa projected 4-3-3

Gk Perin

Def Cristico, Goldaniga, Zappacosta, Ghiglione

Mid Cassata, Strootman, Radovanovic

Attack Destro, Pandev, Pjaca

Stadium San Siro

Place Milan Italy

Date Febuary 28th

Time 8am USA 3pm UK 4pm Italy

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