Inter eat salami as Genoa fall at the San Siro. #262

Inter Milan 3 Genoa 0

San Siro

Milan Italy

After pretty much securing the Scudetto Inter after beating their rivals Milan take on twelvth place Genoa. Going into this match Genoa are coming off a draw against Hellas Verona. Back in October Inter beat Genoa 2-0. Overall in regards to when these two sides face each other Inter have the better record when facing them. Genoa in this match will look to get back into the winners circle as over their past few matches have ended in a draw. But however they have 3 wins in their past five matches. Inter on the other hand will look to maintain their momentum as they are in the hunt to mathmatically secure the Scudetto which will be their first title since the 2010 campaingn where they won the treble. So maintaining their current strong form is now critical. But here is what you can expect when these two sides go to battle. In the first half Inter went up in the first forty eighth second with a goal from Lukaku after Martinez set up the shot. Inter in this half would dominate Genoa on all fronts. Defensive wise they kept Genoa at a standstill keeping their chances minimal while they attacked with a vengenge firing on all cylindars. Inter took the 1-0 lead into the halftime break. In the second half Inter maintained their dominance and adding two goals from Darmian and Alexis Sanchez. They continue their strong run of form and are doing what is needed to secure the Scudetto.

In this match Inter stick with the 3-5-2 formation with only one player switch. In goal is Handavovic who is continuing to prove he is a great captain despite struggling performance wise. He is reminding me of Ronaldo he may have very few world class matches but he has world class moment saves. But still he’s a great leader. On the defense is Bastoni who can continues to grow defensivly he still has a long way to go but is making small steps in the right direction. Also you have Skriniar and Devrij who continue to do well on the defensive front who do well tackling and setting up counter attacks. On the wing backs are Perisic who as done a great job adapting to being in this position. He does a great job adapting to both defensive and attacking situations. Taking over for Hakimi is Darmian since Hakimi is has to many yellow cards but he is solid there as well. On the central midfield is Eriksen who as been a great addition to the area. Also Brozovic as found his voice again and next to him future captain hopeful Barella. On the attack is none other than Lukaku and Martinez who continue to Dominate, Terminate and Exterminate anyone who gets in their way. This is a amazing lineup which will look to have no issue with Genoa.

After final bet placements were made and match warm ups this match gets underway. Not even a mintue into this match Inter break the deadlock as Martinez on a counter attack finds Lukaku on the outside of the box he sends him a cross which he takes landing the ball in the lower left corner. This gave Inter the 1-0 advantage. Seven minutes later Genoa take their first chance of the match as Strootman sends a cross to Scamacca on the outside of the box but Handavovic is able to react quickly and prevent the shot from going in. Then several minutes later Scamacca sends a pass to Rovella but his attempt gets to much force as the ball misses the mark in the upper left corner. So far Genoa have the edge chance wise but soon the tables would turn as Inter light the fire and prepare the onslaught. Inter near the fifteen minute mark would have two great chances as Skriniar misses a header from the center of the box and Barella hits the woodwork from outside the box. Pretty much now Inter are in firm control both attacking wise and defensivly as Inter are creating a ton of chances and keeping Genoa’s chances limited. Martinez and Lukaku would take solid chances within seconds of each other both were set up by Barella Martinez gets his chance blocked while Lukaku gets his shot saved in the center of the goal. Inter would continue to create chances and keeping Genoa at a standstill but the last major chance of the half came from Martinez setting up Lukaku who stood at the right side of the box but it gets blocked. With that Inter take the lead into the halftime break. If Inter can get a few more goals and keep Genoa locked down this match is theirs.

Following halftime pep talks and any adjustments the second half gets started with Inter in firm control of this match. Five minutes into the second half Barella sends a pefectly timed pass to Ericksen who was waiting outside the box but he misses the mark as the ball flies to the left of the goal. Despite keeping the presure on Genoa it wouldn’t be until the 67th minute that the next great chance would be taken as Martinez fires the ball to Ericksen misses the goal. But two minutes later Lukaku gave Darmian the ball at the center of the box landing the ball in the lower left corner which is his first goal in Serie A. This makes things 2-0. With fifteen minutes to go Devrij following a cross from Ericksen takes a header from the left of the box but his shot gets blocked. Inter have kept Genoa in a box and in their half of the pitch. Defensive wise however Genoa are doing the best they can as they do struggle against bigger clubs. As time dwindles on Sanchez takes a solo header from a few feet away from the goal landing the ball in the lower left corner the goal was checked by VAR and was given making things 3-0. Inter would create more chances but at this point Inter have won and end the match with all three points.

Normally I go in depth of what was good and bad about this match. However in this case there is very few take aways from this performance. The first Inter get another 3-0 win and continue their dominance. The second is that they did a great job preventing Genoa from doing anything and on the defense of Genoa they did all they could keeping the score from not being as bad as it could’ve been. Pretty much in this match Genoa was non existant. The man of the match goes to Ericksen who continues to show major improvemnts and as now become a staple in the midfield hopefully he continues to get utilized in the formation going forward. Inter in their next match take on struggling Parma but based on what as been seen from both sides it is more than likely that Inter continue their winning ways as they are the stronger side. As always until the next one Forza Inter.

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