Despite friction Inter squeak past Parma as point gap widens. #263

Inter Milan 2 Parma 1

Ennio Tardini

Parma Italy

Riding the winners train Inter roll into another match this time taking on a struggling Parma. Inter so far have won five out of their last five matches while Parma have lost three and drew two. Parma going into this match are coming off a draw against Spezia. In the beginning fixtures Inter and Parma would play to a 2-2 draw. But Inter would go onto becoming a force to be reckoned with while Parma have ended up on a downward spiral and have had a hard time getting back into the winners circle. In this match Parma will somehow look to get back on track with a win. Inter will look to go six points clear at the top as Milan drew their match Wenesday against Udinese. The result based on the recent form of Parma and how bad they’ve been performing Inter should have no real issues winning this match. But with Parma you never know as they have been able to turn up against Inter but it seems unlikely. In the first half Inter would struggle getting momentum as they would hold Parma to a 0-0 draw going into the halftime break. Also Parma also had hold of possession as well. In the second half Inter would strike first with a goal from Sanchez and a few minutes later he would score again. Inter in this half picked up momentum despite Parma doing well defensively. But Parma would however score a consolation goal ending the match in a 2-1 win for Inter. With this Inter go six points at the top.

In this match Inter stick with the typical 3-5-2 formation with two player switches to note. In goal is none other than the captain who looks to lead his side to another victory. On the back three there are the usual cast first on the left is Bastoni who is getting better at defending whereas in the beginning he was more attacking minded. Even though he is better defensively he is still a valuable asset in regards to the attack. In the middle and on the right is the defensive duo of Skriniar and Devrij who continue to go out there and execute week after week. They continue to work at becoming stronger at counter attack setups which is one area Inter have struggled with in recent seasons. On the wing back position in routine staple Perisic who as become a solid wing back even though in the beginning he was a winger and wasn’t sure if their was room for him. On the other side is Hakimi who is a beast creating chances along with assist. Defensive wise these two are very versatile in this area now. In the central midfield are Ericksen who is finally getting the respect and playing time he deserves. Brozovic who as been a huge part of the midfield area in recent seasons continues to be a backbone for them. Also future captain Barella who works his butt match in and match out. Up in the attacking positions are Lukaku who always dominates even if he doesn’t score. Taking over for Martinez is Sanchez who isn’t playing much but does his best when he plays. This is a solid lineup as these players have gelled together and know what to expect.

After final bets and match preprations on a cool evening in Parma Italy this match gets underway. The first five minutes of the match looks to be both sides getting a feel for what the other is going to do as no chances have been created yet. In the sixth minute is when things would start to pickup. Parma looked to strike first blood as Hernani passes the ball to Kucka whose standing at the center of the box he clips it with his right foot but the attempt gets blocked by Inter’s stellar defense. Inter so far haven’t had the breathing room to create anything as Parma as been known to dominate in matches against Inter. Hernani this time with a cross sets up Kurtic again in the fifteenth minute he takes a header from the center of the box the spot of his first chance but Handanovic saves it in the lower right corner. So far Parma are in firm control on all fronts which could spell disaster if Inter don’t wake-up. Inter despite creating some chances wouldn’t get their first real attempt on goal until the thirty third minute as Skriniar takes a solo shot from a very close area but the ball is saved in the center of the goal. A few seconds later Skriniar sends a wicked cross to Perisic in the center of the goal but the defense of Parma keeps the ball from going further. Inter are finally showing why they’re title hopefuls this campaign. With seven minutes to go Lukaku following a perfect setup by Brozovic takes a shot from the right of the box but gets saved in the center of the goal. Despite going at each other the half ends in a 0-0 draw. In this half both sides did a great job preventing the other from scoring and both sides did their best creating chances but the history with these two sides shows that they both usually end their matches in draws so it could be inevitable it happens here as well.

Following the halftime break this match resumes with both sides hungry for the win. In the fifty second minute of this half Skriniar tries to set up Lukaku for a scoring opportunity but due to the positioning it is ruled offside which it’s very rare for Inter to be caught in. A few minutes later the deadlock is broken as Lukaku sends a cross to Alexis Sanchez standing in the center of the box he takes the left footed shot and the landing the ball in the lower right corner making things 1-0 to the visitors. So far Inter have picked up momentum and they look to add a second goal to secure the win. Kurtic passes the ball to Hernani in the sixty first minute but his shot gets blocked. A minute later Lukaku breaks fast on a counter attack sets up Sanchez again who finds the back of the net as the ball lands in the center of the goal making things 2-0. But Parma aren’t going to go down without a fight as Pezella crosses the ball to Hernani at the center of the box he fires it into the center of the goal halving the deficit as they get back into the match with nineteen minutes left to play. As the match progresses Parma are starting to play more aggressive Mahaila gets a chance blocked from outside the box. Martinez after coming on tries to add to his goal count as Hakimi sends the ball to him at the center of the box but it gets saved in the lower right corner. Inter are doing a great job keeping Parma from scoring again while looking to get their third goal but Inter would have one final chance to add to their lead but Lukaku’s chance gets saved in the center of the goal in the eighty fifth minute with that Inter manage to hold on to the 2-1 win which now puts them six points clear at the top.

This result was a fair result. The reason is both sides both did well defensively they both did great blocking and saving chances. But the goals that were taken by both sides were executed with poise and finesse. Normally when these two sides play especially when Parma is at home draws are common. But this is the first time Inter have beaten Parma in their backyard in quite awhile. So this is huge for them though it was a close match throughout. In the future they will need to work on dominating these sides though they have improved. The man of the match goes to Lukaku who did a great job creating chances and he did a kick ass job on assisting the chances Sanchez had. Overall Lukaku as also become a leader in his own right so he should be also considered for a possible shot at being the next captain though it looks like it’ll be Barella so that way they’ll be able to keep him for the foreseeable future. Inter in their next match take on Atalanta which will be a tough one depending in if Zapata is playing and who they will put on the pitch this match can go either way but as always until the next one Forza Inter.

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