Atalanta fall short at the San Siro as Inter win big. #264

Inter Milan 1 Atalanta 0

San Siro

Milan Italy

After a tough win against Parma Inter welcome visitors Atalanta. Atalanta are coming off an easy win against a poor Crotone side. So both sides are coming into this match with momentum. The last time these two sides faced each other both sides played to a 1-1 draw though the match was worth the watch. Overall these two sides when they do battle it can go either way. Both sides will look to maintain their winning ways especially as they are in their hunt to win the Scudetto for the first time in ten seasons. So a lot is on the line in this match for them. Inter will be going into this match at 100% while Atalanta maybe without their best player Zapata. But Inter will need to be careful as a bunch of players have to many yellow cards and could risk getting suspensions. Who should win this match it’s hard to say but Inter should win as they’re at 100% and are the better side top to bottom but a draw isn’t out of the question as Atalanta are a solid team themselves. In the first half Inter created minimal chances as Atalanta were all over them and kept them at bay defensive wise and attack wise they created more chances than Inter. The half ended in a 0-0 draw. In the second half Atalanta continued their dominance. But Skriniar wasn’t going to let his side go down and he finds the back of the net which gave Inter all they needed as they sit six points clear once more.

Inter as always stick with the 3-5-2 formation which as been the formation for Conte for a very long time. In the beginning if anyone who knows me in the past I thought this formation would never work with the team we had but now I have seen this formation work time after time and it is one of the best formations the club as ever had. In goal is none other than the captain Handanovic who as been the key to Inter’s success being the leadership this team needed after Icardi was stripped of that right. On the back three is the trio of Bastoni, Skriniar and Devrij these three have been working so hard to keep Inter in this title race as in the past Inter have had issues in the past with to many defensive errors. But they have done a great job tackling and getting things set up for counter attacks which they’ve gotten better with. On the wing backs are Perisic and Hakimi they both do a phenomenal job bouncing between both attacking and defensive rolls when each is needed. In the central midfield is Barella, Brozovic and Vidal the issue is Vidal while he brings a leadership quality some of his performances are lackluster but he has his moments where he shines hopefully this is one of those matches. Barella however is the stand out midfielder as he works very hard creating chances and assisting. Up on the attack is the force of Lukaku and Martinez who have been well oiled scoring machines this lineup besides Vidal being the wildcard should have no issues keeping Atalanta on their toes.

In the first half the first eight minutes of the match started off slow with no chances being taken as the teams are working on setting the tempo. In the eighth minute Brozovic crosses the ball to Skriniar who lands a header from the center of the box but the attempt is blocked. Atalanta few minutes later would get their first chance of the match as Ruslan crosses the ball to the returning Zapata who’s waiting in the center of the box but his chance gets blocked. So far both sides are doing a great job defensively and attack wise both sides need to pressure themselves more. It wouldn’t be until the twenty fifth minute the next decent goal opportunity is taken as Martinez takes a solo shot from outside the box but it gets blocked. This is the point where Atalanta would go on to dominate the match on all fronts. Defensive wise they are playing more closed and keeping things tight making it impossible for Inter to create much of anything. Attack wise they are outclassing them at every turn. The match would slow down a bit as no real chances were being taken this would continue for most of the half until Atalanta in the thirty ninth minute Ruslan crosses the ball to Zapata who takes the ball in the center of the box lands a header but gets saved in the center of the goal. A few minutes later Ruslan sets up Berat who takes a header himself but it gets blocked. In the last minute of the half Inter would have one final chance of the half as Martinez takes a shot from the right of the box but it gets blocked. The half ends with both sides at a 0-0 stalemate.

Following the halftime break this match resumes with both sides in hunt of all three points. Three minutes into the half Zapata passes the ball to Ilicic outside the box but his shot gets blocked. In the fifty third minute Perisic takes a shot from outside the box but his shot gets blocked. So far Atalanta are staying on top of Inter just like the first half. A minute later Bastoni after a corner sets up Skriniar who is at the center of the box he finds the lower left corner making things 1-0 to Inter. After the goal Atalanta would tighten their pressure on Inter defensively as they are now in the hunt for a much needed equalizer. It wouldn’t be until the seventy sixth minute Atalanta would get a solid chance to get back into this match as Muriel takes his best shot from the left of the box but gets saved by Handanovic in the lower left corner. Inter despite not having a dominating performance is doing a great job to prevent Atalanta from scoring but however most of their chances have missed the goal entirely. The rest of the match however would be uneventful with no real major chances as both sides kept each other at a standstill after Inter’s goal and Inter hang on to win this match 1-0 putting them once more six points clear at the top of the tabel.

This match was a big win for Inter as Atalanta have been a pain in Inter’s side for the past few seasons. Inter are finally a team unlike past seasons they’d have controversial matches and would have other issues on and off the pitch are working like a machine that goes out knows their objective and gets the results needed. Inter in this match however despite Atalanta being in top of them the whole match never gave up they made sure they kept Atalanta at bay and made sure they didn’t find the back of the net themselves while making sure they took as many chances as they could create despite Atalanta being strong defensively. The man of the match goes to Skriniar who not only maintained things on the defense he found the back of the net which gave Inter the goal they needed to secure all three points. He has done a great job getting into form in the back three system whereas in the beginning it would’ve been better to sell him but that isn’t the case anymore. Inter in their next match take on Torino who have had issues all season but Inter should get the job done as we’ve seen time after time again. As always until the next one Forza Inter.

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